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Ark and Flagship concept


Fox Soul:
Looking around and finally finding the design doc for the game, I do not see the general idea of what Arks and Flagships are supposed to look like.

So far I am imagining the Arks to be something along the lines of the mothership from Homeworld, but I also had thoughts that there would be a visible bio-dome.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Flagships, I am currently imagining look like battleships with visible hangers and sockets for engineer drones (like the scanner drones in Subnautica that sit in a socket in the scanner room), but lacking the space to house sleeping survivors or a bio-dome which explains why they are much smaller.
Spoiler for Hiden:
What do other people think they are supposed to look like?

This is very timely. :)

One thing to note is that since some people have chosen tiers where they are getting custom Arks or flagships, those are things that would be able to vary.

*By custom I mean they get to commission one for everyone to have in the game, I mean.  So basically thanks to those generous souls there will be more variety of both flagships and Arks for everybody.  We have the kind that we're working on now, but then there's also the things that other people will request that can diverge from that quite a bit if desired.

One thing we'll try to do is work with the various backers with those reward tiers to make sure that nobody is overlapping too heavily; that way hopefully each backer gets what they want, as well as having the best possible variety for everyone playing the game as a whole.

I'm just so enamored of those sort of backer rewards that make things better for everybody. :)

Hey hey.

I think as a whole it's really hard to say what an arc looks like. Especially when looking at it from multiple perspectives.

Each race is going to have their own idea of it.

To me, Arks are vast and serve multiple purposes.

When I think of flag ships, I think of fleet leaders. And they don't necessarily have to be one of a kind.  As to what those look like, I suppose that's also open to interpretation. Though the image you linked is pretty close to the idea in my opinion.

Not that we'll have race-specific Arks in this particular iteration of the game; but the Spire have their own ginormous flagshippy type things, for sure.

I think anything you could call a Deepest Regrets class ship and name it Abundance Of Onslaught should do just fine.
(That's another Culture reference, for the record).


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