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I saw that the Cthulu Wars kickstarter campaign uses this (which I did not back, but someone on here mentioned), and apparently also allows late backing.  MAYBE this is also a way for people to give via paypal (which some people have asked about), with it still going to the main kickstarter?  I can't tell.

I've backed a number of projects, some of which were board games that involved questions like what sort of color scheme I wanted on my cards or whatever (Less: Like Chess but Less and Walls were the two main ones for me).  I don't really have survey questions like that for the AI War II backers, except I guess how they want to be credited and what their forum username is.  I think that Descent:Underground had a pretty streamlined way of handling that, IIRC, but I don't recall what sort of survey they used for that.

One thing that is concerning to me is that I see nothing about pricing anywhere on Crowd OX, which makes me worry it's pretty expensive.

I've not heard of them before.  I've only seen used before, and I have no idea what their pricing is (their faq even says "contact us for pricing")

Nice, so that's another one to look into.  Thanks!

Almost every kickstarter I've backed since Backerkit started up has used Backerkit.

It's super slick, knows how to handle "add-ons," including upping your pledge during your reward selection (obviously you'd then have to go through a secure checkout for the difference).  It's basically the "this is how the Kickstarter backer surveys should have been done."

Yeah, now that you mention it I have seen it quite a bit.


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