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Backerkit is legit.

Choosing one that allows backers to upgrade would be good, although KS probably still has the highest initial reach, IMO? Of the others, I've only heard of indiegogo and backerkit - not a serial pledger.

KS is normally where you run your campaign. You can offer things like addons (ie: "add $15 to your pledge to get a second copy of AIW2 for a friend"), and Backerkit helps manage that stuff by having any required surveys and such easily managed from the KS data. Backerkit also lets you add addons after the campaign is over, so you could decide later to add a second copy to your pledge, or buy a hat, or whatever.

It may not be necessary in this case because the tiers are relatively striaghtforward and there aren't any addons right now, but for more complicated campaigns I've seen it used to great effect.


--- Quote from: Cyborg on September 13, 2016, 06:20:28 pm ---Backerkit is legit.

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I'll add to this as well. I've only used it twice or so, but its pretty alright.

Backerkit is the one I primarily see, yeah. One company I've backed a few times uses pledgemanager (, and it seems functional enough.

...Do you actually need a secondary pledge manager? The use-case I usually see is to manage campaigns that want to easily allow late backers/paypal backers or to manage complex addons and/or shipping. Your rule-of-thumb is to not have physical goods, which negates a chunk of it, and there seems to be a pretty minimal number of possible addons from your tentative tier list, which negates that portion. Beyond that, you have an existing store front, and hooking non-KS-based pledges into that probably shouldn't be too difficult?

You ultimately know better than I do, though.


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