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Any artists here? What do you use for uv-painting?

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--- Quote from: x4000 on September 14, 2016, 11:41:14 am ---Still a pain and a half, though, for sure.

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It has a 3D render view as well, but I haven't yet figured out how to select polygons in it (if at all).
Oh, and if this thread finds a better tool I'ma jump all over it.

I guess probuilder will probably be the way I go:


--- Quote from: x4000 on September 14, 2016, 04:05:50 pm ---I guess probuilder will probably be the way I go:

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Sticking with what you know?

I fiddled with the free version of that plugin once.  Pretty slick stuff.

Yeah, we used it extensively for Raptor.  Mainly we'd take existing models in and convert them to their format and edit them.  One of the most killer things they have is a pretty solid (though still experimental) boolen ops tool.  It doesn't lead to the perfectly ideal number of resulting vertices left behind, so it's not a substitute for something like a CSG if you're looking to do subtractive geometry en masse.  But when it comes to realtime messing with the existing meshes it's great.

Blue was really frustrated with a lot of the limitations that it has compared to Sketchup (not being able to draw arbitrary lines and boxes and whatnot and then extrude, in particular), and I agree that one is frustrating as heck.  Being able to extrude or pull faces is pretty nice, though, and from an efficiency standpoint in poly count I understand why they went with their ring-based subdivision approach.  I still dislike that, too, though. ;)

I'm a bit chatty at the moment because I'm waiting for Unity 5.4 to import 6 GB of stuff.  Not remotely all of that will be in the final game, not even close, but it's useful prototyping stuff.


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