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Timeline for previous Arcen title rewards? (answer: January 4th started them)


Some of the Kickstarter rewards are downloads of previous Arcen titles.  Would I be correct in assuming these are planned to go out sometime during the first two weeks of 2017?  I read the latest blog post at but it doesn't mention these specifically.

Whoops!  Yes, I meant to address that. 

TLDR: Those are indeed expected to go out roughly around then.

Longer explanation:

I say "roughly" because we'll send out the survey to folks in the first week of January, and then as people return those we pretty much push the button that says "send the keys" is my understanding.  Or it happens automatically, I'm not sure.

The survey is super simple and takes under 5 minutes to complete, but it establishes a way for us to get you the proper things as well as for the various creative tiers giving us some information that we'll need for further followups on doing custom art or whatever the specific item is for you.

To my current understanding we can't send out surveys until after the kickstarter fund-clearing period ends, but we'd do it right after that.  The BackerKit offices are closed until January 3rd once they close for the holidays, so that would probably makes this go out on the 4th.  We'll be back in the office on the 2nd.

Those started going out yesterday, just as an FYI. :)

For anyone who has their survey submitted, I've been "locking those down" a couple of times a day, and that sends the keys.

I'm working on getting the file downloads up there this morning for the drm-free links.


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