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Thematic names?

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And would it be possible to see a list of planet names that have already been submitted?

I'm thinking about how funny it would be to have a number of Murdoch variations (Old Murdoch, New Murdoch, New New Murdoch, Other Murdoch, Not Murdoch, *DEFINITELY* Not Murdoch (that would be an outer rim world for sure), Hcodrum; maybe some Spire themed ones like Dark Murdoch, Shadow Murdoch, Gray Murdoch; I could go on ... ), but I feel like that would only be fun if we could get at least few people to do that.

Fox Soul:

--- Quote from: madcow on January 04, 2017, 06:45:36 pm ---If we want to change the name after we submit our questionnaire can we do that, if so how?

--- End quote ---

I believe its just based off your email, so if you go to then you might be able to see it. I see an option for edit question under "pledge items."

Edit: Just checking my email now, the confirmation email had a link for "Update Your Answers"

Once the surveys have been locked down -- thus releasing your game keys to you, so I've been doing that as the surveys come in -- it won't let you change your planet names.

I think what I'll do is make some sort of data import that has your existing submission on it when we send you further surveys for other creative stuff.  Basically if you just have the planet name one, it would be a "last call to make sure this is what you want" sort of thing.  For those who have other creative things to put in, we'll work that out either via email (if it's one of the ones that requires a ton of emailing like the art design ones), or via a survey that's collecting all that information.

Honestly I'm pretty disappointed in the way backerkit is so inflexible with only having one survey and only letting you edit it until things like your tier are locked down.  I really would prefer a lot more flexibility there, but we have our own survey software that we can use to get around that.

Same with things like the names that other people have already submitted: I can easily dump that to a public list that folks can see, sure.

With all of those things, I'd probably like to wait a month or so, though -- we still have about 1000 surveys that haven't even come in yet, and I'd rather do fewer exports of the data rather than more, just to save time all around.


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