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[Resolved] Wrong pledge level noted in backerkit compared to kickstarter.

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Grats on the kickstarter successes thus far.

FYI - I'm pledged at the $100 Bronze Merc Level and the Backerkit seems to think that my pledge level includes personable AI, but not Bronze Merc.  Let me know if you need additional info.

Thanks for the heads up, and the congrats!

I apologize about the mistake that it has there.  That's... concerning.  I've manually fixed your pledge in there, but I'm curious: did you originally have Personable AI in kickstarter and then switch to Bronze Merc?  I'm wondering if it had outdated data that it didn't update, or if it just flat-out mismatched them.  Either way I'll bring it up with the backerkit folks.

IIRC I made no pledge modifications on round 2.  It'd be useful if another Bronze Merc could check theirs and let us know, I guess.

Good to know -- I'll pass this over to the backerkit folks, thanks!

Thanks Chris.  All the best for 2017!


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