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[Resolved] Wrong pledge level noted in backerkit compared to kickstarter.

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No problem -- and thank you!

So I just reached out to backerkit, and they asked me to confirm for sure that you were in the Bronze Merc category on kickstarter -- turns out you actually were in Personable AI on there for whatever reason.  Makes no difference to me, as they're valued the same, but it looks like it imported correctly at least, which is a relief!

I assume Bronze Merc is what you want, so it has been updated to that, but either way is fine with me. :)

These things happen!

Hmmm I'm going to assume this is all my fault then, and everything is working as intended  :D  I'm happy with Bronze Merc, and I might just go ahead and add $40 for the Personable AI in any case, because that sounds like fun and I would like the stars to not be beyond our reach.

Cheers. :)


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