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Never received reward


I backed AIW II at the 30.00 level which Kickstarter indicates includes Bionic Dues and Skyward Collapse. I've completed the backerkit survey but never received the Steam keys for the 2 games.
Does that reward level not include these (contrary to KS).

Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion, but yes the backerkit orders contain exactly what they specify (as noted on their entries), and are not analogous to what was offered during the kickstarter itself.  If you'd like a refund please do let me know, but I tried to make it as clear as I could on there.  The $30 price is the same as what will be charged during early access when you first get the key, so you're not paying anything higher than you otherwise would.  But by backing during the backerkit period, you are moving the needle closer to that next stretch goal with 100% of your pledge in that case.


I see, I had thought I had backed you via Kickstarter, but after going through my KS history it appears I did back through Backerkit. Thanks for the clarification and no I do not want a refund I'm anxiously looking forward to the game.

IIRC, I have keys for those games from the KS, which I won't use because I already have them.

If you would like to use them, send me a message and I'll look them up for you. :)

Thank you for your support, codeslayer!  And Tridus, thanks for hooking him up. :)


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