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Name in credits if buying through backerkit? [yes, though figuring out details]


Do we still get our name in credits if we buy it through backerkit?

Yes, although I'll have to figure out some way to handle the tiering with that.  There aren't direct tiers on backerkit, so it's more about total spend I suppose.

Probably what I'll do is make some "backerkit tiers" to put people into based on that, just based on whatever the overall distribution of people is as more people buy through there.

It's a mild complexity in terms of making sure to get everyone in there fairly, but we'll get it done -- most likely after Early Access, since that's when backerkit sales will end, so we can do one export and sort at that time.

The "mk whatever backer" on Kickstarter could lagely be broken down into price based levels, where if you bought something between $X-$Y, you fit into a given mk level. You could do the same thing on backerkit based on total amount, in which case your only difficulty will be edge cases where someone has $40 on KS and $60 more on Backerkit (which is enough to have gotten them a mk V tier on the KS itself).

Right.  In those cases, probably just upgrading people is the way to go.  That is probably the simplest way to do it.


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