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Custom Ark reward emails are out!

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Awesome, thanks guys -- I'll pass this part of the thread along, since it's useful in and of itself.

I'm hoping that the 11 of us can work with Keith to design a set of Ark's such that they all feel different and to some degree enable different play-styles.  One of the factors not previously listed that I think is crucial for Arks is weapon load-outs and range.

I can see a short range arc that has the old electric shuttle's attack playing very differently than one with an interplanetary cannon - even if all of the other stats are the same (I assume weapon specifics like damage would not be).  I could also see someone wanting an ark that has stealth. 

I'm hoping we can get some variety in potential arks - and potentially the ability to choose the ark abilities and the ark model separately. 

I think that the variety in the Arks will definitely be a thing, based on what I'm seeing come through thus far from folks. :)

Here's a post that has the first Ark in it (up to the point of final render in Maya, but pre-PBR edits):

Regarding having the Ark abilities and Ark visuals be separate... I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I kind of feel like that would kill the unique personalities that they have?  It's kind of like if in Overwatch you could have whatever character visuals mixed with whatever character abilities?  To me, they kind of go hand in hand.  It doesn't HAVE to be that way, but that's just how I tend to think of it.  Somehow that grounds me more in "this is a tangible thing, not just a skin," if that makes sense?

And the first custom Ark is now visually complete, pending approval from the backer:


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