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So whens the next wave of Cd-keys coming out?
I'm so freaking excited for AI War 2.

Also how does the process for ai creation work?

Those just went out to you now!  For reasons unknown, backerkit makes me press a button on any given day where there are orders.  Fun times. ;)

For the AI creation process, check out the modding subforum, where there's a lot of stuff that Keith has posted video-wise, and you can also see the minor faction that BadgerBadger has been creating.  His nanocaust is the first big mod for the game, and we're building it right in.  He's created a number of other GUI conveniences and things that he posted and we integrated -- anyone who wants to help with things that make their lives easier and that they want to share is welcome to do so. :)

Bear in mind that the game isn't ready for prime time yet, and there's a list of known issues in particular, but it's coming along well.  The release notes page has the best source of what's been happening lately.

Oh i purchased the personable ai.
Also does the steam version support linux right now?

I work overnights, its pretty slow. but i only got my linux machine there :(

Linux works fine, just don't try to change the UI resolution in game.


--- Quote from: dada11dada22 on September 09, 2017, 03:07:03 pm ---Oh i purchased the personable ai.
--- End quote ---

Ah, for the personable AI that's going to be more of a "you talk to Keith and he and you will work it out" thing.  We're not quite at that stage yet, as I'd like for you to be able to see more of the game and get a sense of it before you make your choices on that.  So no modding or anything crazy like that is required from you for that -- obviously if you want to do that sort of thing that is fine, too, but it would be unrelated to the personable AI backer reward.

For the backer rewards that involve game content, overall we want people to be able to see as much as possible before they make their choices, so that we don't have choices that trend too much toward any given average.  It's more fun for all of us if there's variety. :)


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