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Backerkit addons question


Possibly a dumb question, but after the survey, how would one go about getting one of the addons? (soundtrack) Do I just need to wait for the steam release and get it then or is there a way  to addon after we have done the survey email.


The soundtrack isn't complete yet, that I know.

It's definitely not done. I would expect to get your copy of the soundtrack around the same time that 1.0 is released.

Sorry my wording might have been wrong. I want to add the soundtrack to my pledge, but I have already done the backerkit survey where you choose to add more or not. Was asking if there was another way to 'pledge' for it or just wait for steam and get it then.

I am pretty sure that you can go to the "pre-order" store by clicking that button up in the header of kickstarter, and then you can still add it that way. I'm not positive if it will combine the orders or not, but it will let you order it, at least. Cheers!


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