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AI War DRM Free only has Linux files?


Hey guys,
When I go to the download link from BackerKit, it downloads fine. However, the game .zip seems to be missing the .exe for some reason, it only contains .86 and .64 files. The folder that it links to is labelled as just Lin, don't know if that is the problem? I looked at the google drive link and it is also missing the .exe file, unless it is buried in some folder I don't see... Is the link incorrectly set to only give the Linux version?

Huge apologies for that, and thanks for bringing that to our attention.  I've just now fixed the link so that there's a link to the proper windows/mac/linux version in there now.  You should have gotten a new email about it, but if not it is also updated on your backerkit page with your downloads.

Thank you again!


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