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[STCS] Devices
« on: August 30, 2016, 02:24:19 PM »
Slight Tweaks for Coherency Sake

As we're not supposed to make "bags of ideas", I'll split these up but with a common tag. My goal with these ideas is simple: more coherency at the smallest cost. (The final objective being a smoother learning curve thanks to a more coherent experience.)

Many AI structures share two core mechanisms: rare (not all planets have them, only one per planet) and (inter)planetary effect. For clarity sake, I think a family name (like starships, turrets, guardians, guard posts, etc) is required. I suggest "Device". The names must be altered to include that name. Ability to sabotage them might be shared to reinforce the family's coherence (and easily explain the role of the sabotage hacker: destroy devices, period). Here is the list of the concerned structures and their new names (provided "device" is accepted):
* Eyes -> Eye Devices
* Alarm Post (and SF Alarm) -> Alarm Device
* Black Hole Machine -> Black Hole Device
* Gravity Drill Station -> Gravity Drill Device
* Ion Cannon -> Ion Cannon Device
* Orbital Mass Driver -> Mass Driver Device
* Core Warhead Interceptor -> Warhead Interceptor Device
* Attrition Emitter -> Attrition Device
* Counter Spy -> Counter Spy Device
* Planetary Armor Booster -> Armor Booster Device ("Device" would now convey "planetary")
* Planetary Armor Inhibitor -> Armor Inhibitor Device
* Planetary Cloaker -> Cloaker Device
* Interplanetary Munition Booster -> Munition Booster Device
* Radar Jammer -> Radar Jammer Device
* Troop Accelerator -> Troop Accelerator Device
* Dire Guardian Lair -> Dire Guardian (Lair?) Device (Not satisfied with that name.)
* Raid Engine -> Raid Device

There is still the "problem" of the Barracks and Warp Gates. The Barracks might be Devices (however they are rather common, even if still "planetary") but the Warp Gates are technically Sentinels (they completely fit in the Sentinel's "immobile, irreplaceable, everywhere" rules; see their [STCS] topic). So... Warp Gate Sentinels? ??? I really don't know, here.
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