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[STCS] Sentinels
« on: August 30, 2016, 02:24:11 PM »
Slight Tweaks for Coherency Sake

As we're not supposed to make "bags of ideas", I'll split these up but with a common tag. My goal with these ideas is simple: more coherency at the smallest cost. (The final objective being a smoother learning curve thanks to a more coherent experience.)

There are many mechanisms around Guard Posts (reinforcement, Eye protection, metal slot locking, etc). On so many cases, rules apply to non_wormhole_non_special_forces_guard_posts. This is the core of a common problem: regular exceptions might be the syndrome of bad assignations. Wormhole GP and SF GP might not belong to the Guard Post family if they show so many differences.

On the other hand, we have an example of good assignations: the Tachyon Sentinel used to be a Tachyon Guardian (but immobile, but doesn't count in the guardian cap, but isn't replaced like other guardians, but...) Moving it out of the Guardian Family was the good answer. However, they then formed a new family in which they remained alone, which isn't optimal for coherency neither.

My proposal is: make Wormhole Sentinels and Special Forces Sentinels, while keeping their stats and mechanisms untouched. The "non_wormhole_non_special_forces" will vanish in a puff of logic and the Sentinel family will gain flesh and coherency ("immobile, irreplaceable, everywhere")
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