Author Topic: Just played the tutorial, have a few points to raise.  (Read 2906 times)

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Just played the tutorial, have a few points to raise.
« on: October 18, 2018, 10:25:14 am »
Early on, I made engineers as asked, and then saw the option to hold down ctrl (I think? I forget exactly which key it was) for a more advanced tooltip. Doing so let me know that the engineer could be built in enemy territory... but in retrospect, it's kind of weird that that's the only thing that was behind the advanced info, when the descriptions of all the other stuff engineers could do included information on the range and speed that could probably also safely be stuck behind an advanced tooltip. I don't need to know exactly how far away an engineer can be from a factory and still speed up production, most of the time...

On a related note, the tooltips for attacking units had a lot of stuff like 'if the target has at least 75% hull remaining, this deals 4.0x more damage'. I feel like the non-advanced tooltips would read more cleanly to newer players if they were reduced to 'this unit does more damage to targets that haven't lost much of their health', and the exact numbers were put into the advanced tooltip.

( Though, adding onto this, I also feel that there should be a menu option to just enable advanced tooltips by default, instead of having to hold a button to view them. )

One more point; I remember a recent post where an intention was stated to try and add random stat bonuses/penalties to the various ships, so that they'll perform a little differently from game to game. I think this is a really cool idea! I also want to say now, while it's still in planning, that that sort of thing seems important enough to have its own line in the tooltip. So, if you've got a Turtle fighter, then there'd be one line in its tooltip that specifically says "Turtle - This unit has increased armor but reduced speed." and then the advanced tooltip lets you know just how much the values were changed from the default. (Though I feel like that's a poor example - there probably shouldn't be a unit mod named Turtle if there's also an AI type called Turtle - it was the first thought that came to mind.)


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