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Hard to see Mark #s when ships highlighted


I'm loving the new game, but I have one minor UI request.  The Mark numbers on ships are easy to see if they're not highlighted.  But when I select, say, all the ships in my #1 fleet, they're surrounded by a white bubble that obscures the Mark number. 

Now, maybe this isn't a big deal, as I mostly know my own ships' Mark numbers.  And I do otherwise like the way the white bubble-highlights look.  So I'm not quite sure what to suggest.  Maybe make the Mark number larger, or a different color?  Or maybe it's not worth worrying about.  Anyone else see what I'm talking about?

On a related note, my aging eyes have a bit of trouble reading smaller UI elements, but the UI-scaling features do help.

Thanks again for a great game!

Totally agree with this. The icons and the UI in general was more readable in the first game. I'm not an expert, though, so I cannot even suggest a way to make it better.


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