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I'd love to see some kind of indication on the galaxy map that shows what type of station I have there - eco/mil/log.

I'd be happy with a letter or icon, but I would be ecstatic if there could be some kind of "heat map" element to it (i.e., color coding of some kind).

The idea for me would be so that I can make sure all of my eco stations are near the interior, my log stations are in the mid and the mil stations are on the outer worlds. (As a rough example.) Having it as a "heat map" in some fashion would make it instantly "glanceable."


A much less critical request would be a visual representation of the wave sources/destinations on the galaxy map. Ideally, for example, the warp line connecting two systems would have a repeating directional pulse from the source system to the target system.


The current visual representation of system connections that don't have gates is, I feel, insufficiently distinct. The difference is the line thickness and that doesn't scan very easily. Perhaps a dotted/broken line instead? Or a line broken right in the middle with some kind of "fracture" representation (an X, or parentheses/brackets icons facing away from each other, etc.).

For 2 and 3, if there are more things I can visually do with a wormhole link then I can update what's done. The only thing I know how to do is the thickness right now. I agree, if I could do some sort of visual pulse or colour gradient or something like that it would be better. I'm not sure how hard that would be for chris to implement though.

Attached is my really terrible visual suggestion. I am neither an artist nor competent at moving a mouse with precision.

Okay, you're going to be really happy, I think:


Thanks for the awesome ideas!

Fantastic! Really looking forward to it.


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