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Ok so I think the Intel Tab is generally very good, and points the player in a bunch of useful directions.  But I notice what I think is one rather glaring omission.  Nowhere on there is the player, and obviously I'm thinking of the new ones here, told how important it is to defend their homeworld.   Down near the bottom in Beginner Tips it says Defend … from Waves, but that's just saying to heavily defend any system that has Warp Gates next to it.  I'd suggest that at the top, in flashing neon if possible (jk there), in Prime Directives above the AI Overlord it should say Defend X as the first one listed.  Something like 'FOOLISH NOOB, YOU CAN'T WIN IF WE'RE ALL DEAD' or perhaps something more artfully phrased for the tooltip text. 

As any respectable AI War veteran knows, mostly through painful experience, you can't win the game if you haven't first avoided losing it. 


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