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After the first campaing,a few suggestions


Hi, i have completed my first complete campaing (first easy escenario) on AI War 2. I like a lot, even more tha AI War 1. but a have a few suggestions to improve the interface

- Colored ship ranges: Could the ranges have the color of the faction?
- Group orders on the bottom right: They light on allways when the mouse is over, so i never i'm sure if a mode it's selected or not  until i move the mouse appart
- I had stacked more than 20000 science and the number didn't fit. I have a 1680x1050 resolution. Here is a screenshot
- I know that this is hard, but i would love a better fleet swap management screen. I imagine the actual screen but with a seletor to which fleet i want to donate the ships, the button to swap for eache ship line and maybe a button to "reverse" (change the screen to the other fleet and autoselect the first fleet as the receiver of the ships)
    - I dont understand why the ships have to be undeployed to not lost them if the two fleets are in the same planet
- Is there any way to stop/pause the construccion of a Golem? They cost a lot of metal. In AI War 1 you could pause this big projects

In any way: Awesome game. My first impresion from a year or two was that it was going to be worse from the first. But after this camping i think the opposite. You have surppased yourself, congratulations.

The Swap Ship Lines screen is getting an overhaul in the next patch. It should hopefully be more usable now.


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