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I have these guys envisioned as the Carrier based fleets and full on mobile combat platform. 

 Carrier has arrived.

How do you see the Neinzul?

A fleet of enclave ships makes the most sense. Their flagship should be a bigger carrier, of course.

You could take it to extremes like mobile space docks, so they can create their younglings nearby whatever they want to attack. Only things that would be stationary are probably things like turrets, metal generation, and supporting infrastructure.

They may also be able to avoid more AI notice because they wander around already and that wouldn't be anormal to the AI.

Lots of contrasting points to Human and especially Spire playstyles, I think.

You could possibly make their younglings difficult to control directly (they only follow orders roughly)  and have some "Mature" ships that you control directly. Make them feel very "swarm" and at least tactically difficult to control. Although strategy should be 100% controllable as per the norm.

To make neinzuls, I'd have ditched all permanent stuctures but one building that would be an extension of the regen chamber.
The "new" regen chamber would have to double as a drone holder of sorts, capable of unleashing hordes on whatever encroaches your territory.
Most of defenses would have to be drones, the fleet of the player the "few" mature units, and the moving enclave.

I'm not sure if it would be better to have the player control multiple flagships, each with its fleet of enclave, rather than enclaves directly.
Leaving a possibility for specialized "leader-less" enclave squads.


--- Quote from: Cinth on September 14, 2016, 12:24:34 pm --- Carrier has arrived.

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This, pretty much. Lots of carriers. Enclaves as sorta home-baseish carriers. NCCs too.


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