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Title: Generated missions to encourage new styles of play
Post by: origami on December 20, 2016, 10:18:43 AM
After a few dozen games, I tended to get in a 'rut' in terms of tactics and strategy in AI War. Changing AI types only went so far.

What if there were human outposts that encouraged a new style of play and gave a reward.  For example:

Take <X> system without using <ship type>.

Don't go below <n> <ship type> for <m> minutes.

Build and deploy <superweapon> <n> times in <m> minutes.

Players would be encouraged to try new tactics and strategies, or use a suboptimal strategy to get a bonus later.

This would be especially impactful if the reward were something which further altered the strategic landscape (temporary bonuses to certain ship types/weapons/armor)