Author Topic: [AIW2] Alternative Triangle and Epsilon Eridani  (Read 1319 times)

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[AIW2] Alternative Triangle and Epsilon Eridani
« on: August 17, 2016, 05:09:22 AM »
What if the triangle turned in the other way?

Assault Bomber: fighter hull with bomber weapon, designed to charge at armored targets but unable to sustain any reprisal or interception.
Battle Station: bomber hull with MLRS weapon, designed to disperse squadrons of fighters.
Interceptor Frigate: frigate hull with better propulsion but weaker weaponry, designed to intercept polycrystal units.

The Asault Bomber crushes the Interceptor Frigate and the Missile Frigate (but the last also has a bonus against it).
The Battle Station disperses the Asault Bomber and the Standard Fighter (but the last also has a bonus against it).
The Interceptor Frigate intercepts the Battle Station and the Bomber (but the last also has a bonus against it).

Asault Bomber: Light, bonus against Heavy/Artillery, high impact, no armor.
Battle Station: Polycrystal, bonus against Light, high RoF, no armor.
Interceptor Frigate: Heavy, bonus against Polycrystal, high RoF, armored.

Minor Faction idea:
The Epsilon Eridani Mining Consortium (present in the Nebulae scenarii) joined the Human players at game's start. They add a Crystal Refinery to each Human homeworld. The Crystal Refinery can build Assault Bombers, Battle Stati
ons and Interceptor Frigates. Higher mark of these ships cannot be researched on their own but are automatically unlocked as higher mark of the regular triangle ships are unlocked (MkIV available with Advanced Factory). Crystal Astroids are seeded through the galaxy, with 1 chance out of 4 (needs test and tweak) for each planet to contains one. Crystal Asteroids are indestructible, capturable and require supply; they produce 100 crystal per second (needs test and tweak). Crystal Refinery's units are built with crystal only. There is no other way to obtain crystal than to capture and control Crystal Asteroids. Players can prioritize the capture and control of crystal bearin
g planets (risk) in order to build new units (reward). As crystal is a distinct resource, having plenty of it encourage players to use they crystal units more relentlessly; having less of it encourages tactical manoeuvers and u
se of metal units.
Please excuse my english: I'm not a native speaker. Don't hesitate to correct me.