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Title: Ship Trait Ideas
Post by: RocketAssistedPuffin on August 21, 2018, 07:04:38 PM
Had a small session thinking up things from games I've played or read about, that seemed interesting. I tried to pick out things that would have specific uses, instead of always being "simply more damage", it'd be gaining damage the more it attacks, so you want to keep them alive as a priority, etc. Other people could add to this, if they have anything.

- - - - -
Momentum: Starts to attack faster with each attack it makes, to a certain amount (no gatling Spire-like beams, as funny as it'd be. Intended for drawn out battles, maybe make it weaker to compensate, but it gets stronger than it'd normally be).

Bully/Mob: Deals more damage if attacking the same target as more of itself.

Charger: Speed Boost when entering a Wormhole.

Relentless: Ignore the first X amount of shots with slowing/paralysis etc effects (I'm not sure how useful this'd actually be, or how balanced).

Advanced Sensor Suite: Gives Scouting intel on neighbouring planets. (I found the bit of XML code that enables this and it works. Maybe a bit odd, but figure Classic had Sentinel Frigates with their Warp Detection. I hope to possibly put this as a unique seeded structure you can capture. Restrict to larger ships?)

Last Ditch Effort: When killed, gain invulnerability for X duration. (Meant to turn it into a kind of...almost Dam Buster unit? It'll die, but it'll get the target).

Martyr: When killed, boosts power of nearby ships like itself. (Intended for drawn out battles - maybe make it weaker to compensate; cap the boost).

Tether: Moves as fast as the fastest, nearby friendly ship. (Meant to create a combo between two of your units, i.e Bombers being sped up by Raiders).

Blinder: Reduces range of ships it hits.

Hardened: All damage taken above X is reduced to X.

Infestor: Ships killed by this explode into *something* (not sure what it'd be. Having it be a smaller version of the Infestor ship would require a ton of entries, so probably something  already existing. Maybe just a small Drone type?)
Title: Re: Ship Trait Ideas
Post by: x4000 on August 21, 2018, 08:48:14 PM
Holy cow!!  This is a goldmine for me, thank you for that. :D

I'll be adding some of these tomorrow, then, with my other new things.
Title: Re: Ship Trait Ideas
Post by: RocketAssistedPuffin on August 22, 2018, 04:59:22 PM
Some more, though these are getting harder to think of. I like the sound of one you can feed metal to make it temporarily stronger, but no idea how it'd go.
EDIT: How many traits will ships get anyway? I had the idea of experimental ship designs in the galaxy that'd have more, but not sure if that'll...inherently exist.

- - -

Strength In Numbers: Gains X amount to X stat for each similar ship near it.

Explosive Ammunition: Shots gain a small AoE (only for ships with non-AoE projectile weapons. No Spire exploding beam here! Somewhat gives a unit a version of the new multishot mechanic).

Rich Get Richer: Gains a bonus to itself when your Metal count is above X value. (Bit iffy, but throwing it in anyway. Much like the Zenith Reprocessor turning offense into economy, this somewhat turns economy directly into offense, without expending anything).

Overloaded Systems: Gains a bonus to itself when your Energy count is above X value. (Same as above. This does have the peculiar interaction of gaining strength as you lose units).

Avenger: Gains a bonus to itself when nearby friendlies die. (Inspired by the comment I put above, seconds after making it).

Saboteur: Gains a bonus to damage against the AI only based on your unspent Hacking points. (Meant to be it firing payloads that act like mini Hackers, affecting ships it targets. Very like the ship it is named after!)

Energizer: Gains movement speed as it attacks. (Could shoot something nearby to then zoom up to a far away scary unit. Name I'm not sure of).

Tripper: Does bonus damage the faster an enemy unit can move. (Meant to intercept or chase after speedy annoying ships and "trip" them up).

Leech: (Tractor units only) Slowly steals the life of ships it has currently held in tractor beams.
Title: Re: Ship Trait Ideas
Post by: x4000 on August 22, 2018, 05:55:41 PM
Yet more awesome ideas -- thank you!  Expect to see a goodly number of these in the game soon. :)
Title: Re: Ship Trait Ideas
Post by: RocketAssistedPuffin on August 22, 2018, 07:42:32 PM
Last bunch here for now. I'll note any future finds for a later suggestion.
- - -

Benevolent Vampirism: Same as Vampire effect, but uses it to heal allies nearby instead.

Networked Targeters: Gains range the more of itself there are.

Infiltration: Is cloaked for a time after entering a wormhole.

Power Enslaver: (Tractor units only) Gains weapon damage for each unit it has caught in tractor beams (inspired by the Powerslaver from Classic).

Weapon Augmentation: After a while of firing, will fire an "augmented shot" with more power(can possibly have a different weapon type, but might be messy in UI - another type of attrition style - inspired from the game Battle Engine Aquila).

Title: Re: Ship Trait Ideas
Post by: x4000 on September 06, 2018, 01:51:35 PM
Okay, all of these are into mantis now, whew.  Evaluated and put in with my notes.
Title: Re: Ship Trait Ideas
Post by: zeusalmighty on October 30, 2018, 04:37:46 PM
Had some ideas for this too, never saw this thread. Copying here:

Corrosive: Does damage over time to hull only (shields take base damage)
Precision: ship gets stacking bonus damage if it hits a target consecutively
Reckless: Has higher targeting priority than normal
Coward: Has lower targeting priority than normal
Combustible: Does small AOE on death (friend or foe)
Fortifier: Gains damage based on time on planet (damage capped; basically a camper)
Paladin: Slayer of zombies (Massive damage bonus against zombies)
Reinforced: higher health, armor, mass and slower than normal (potentially making unit countered by pike, etc.)
Lightweight: less health, armor, mass and faster than normal (potentially making unit countered by flak, widow, etc.)
Turbo: has much higher engine (and speed) than normal (potentially immune from spider)