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Notifications improvements
« on: June 17, 2020, 12:55:01 PM »

I'm currently playing a my second real game at difficulty 6 vs 2 AI.
I like ai war 2, however I have one annoyance that I think shouldn't be too hard to solve.

As the game progress I see a lot of notifications on the top left of the screen indicating incoming raids and enemies at my planets.
Problem is it is very difficult to see if these notifications are serious threats or merely noise. (Especially when I'm tired or playing without sound)
Most of them are not that important and can be ignored.
But every so often one would cost you the game if missed.

This results in two scenarios for me which is both annoying.
1. I need to pause often trying to determine which of the notifications if any are important, largely slowing down the flow of the game.
2. I miss something only to later realize a planet is gone without ever realizing why. Usually then have to reload an auto save.  (I'm not the kinda die hard player that will just start over as this point.)

So some suggestions:
1. Can we in some way make it possible to determine thread level of notification. Say if incoming or present force is large than 50/100/150% of the defense force.
2. Maybe an auto-pause function in certain situations would be nice.
3. A way to ignore/disable the really unimportant notifications. I really don't care if the enemy has 0.18 force at my planet with 50 defense...
4. It would also be nice to have a notification if a large amount of threat is next-door to one of your planets perhaps. Once again otherwise I need to continually pause to only check every planet for threat every so often.

I hope the developers can use this feedback to improve an already awesome game!

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Re: Notifications improvements
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2020, 02:02:11 PM »
Some interesting ideas here! It would probably get more attention as a feature request  on Mantis though; stuff on the forums can get lost.


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