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new command station types
« on: June 28, 2019, 05:30:04 AM »
given the new battle models and tactic required/encouraged i want to mention reexamining the core battle station may be needed.

1. military command station (solid go to and frontier champ upgrade with a warp disrutor preventing ai waves within 2 jumps?
2. economic station backwater make me metal station with energy /trade production
3. logistic station? with fleets there is no longer a supply chain so i think it is outdated
4. new idea cloaked station( station to maintain a neutral world and atrittion of attacking force nexus) no defenses but would allow battle station supply and building of run thru defenses while preventing ai reclamation. ai counter could beemp that would disable it and allow destruction. any waves targeting this world would have this effect. and require a mobile fleet response but would be strategic.other idea is that it would only be able to maintain cloak for a length of time with enemy ships present requireing you to go clear the world, say 20 minutes
5. outpost station (more specialized military station designed to hold a forward remote deployment) currently while there are worlds we dont want to conquer many of the higher marks can not be safely ignored since the ai can rebuild the warp gates. designed to host heavier defenses and suppress ai warden response.
6. salvage station designed to haul salvage from combat zones away from the front line and be processed more effeciently range 2 jumps?
7. mercenary base designed tp host refugee combat fleets for emergency deployment. (generates a mercenary group/beacon?) every 15 minutes (alternate allows stronger feet strength of mercenary deployments)


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