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Marauder Rework
« on: June 27, 2020, 04:33:59 PM »
Currently working on the Marauder Rework. This is the state of affairs:

Marauder Ship Rework - Done
  • All Marauder ships except for the Spire-Debris generated ones have been reworked from scratch to give them fully unique designs.
  • Small ships:
    • Interceptor Fighter - A very light fighter ship which intercepts enemies before they can reach the bigger ships. Short range but very fast and equipped with blades on the wings to slice open enemies, especially light ones, in melee. Strength: 0.021
    • Fusion Torpedo Bomber - A light bomber equipped with a short-range Fusion Torpedo system to attack bigger targets and deal great damage to them, but not much in the way of defending itself against small enemies. Strength: 0.041
    • Disrupter Corvette - A Corvette designed to disrupt the enemy. Its Paralyzer-Flak can stun light enemies while the Gravity Induction Beam can slow even larger targets. Both weapons grow stronger if the enemy stand still. Strength: 0.393
  • Medium ships:
    • Light Sting Frigate - A small Frigate with higher shield, speed and and the ability to destroy Forcefields quickly and with great damage, but low rate of fire, almost no range, little hull strength and armor. Strength: 1.516
    • Rampage Frigate - A Frigate equipped with a large array of weapons, able to deal with most foes on its own. Nucleophilic Point Defense Cannons, Shredder Missiles, Gravity Torpedos and even a powerful Beam is in its arsenal. While slow it is supercharged greatly by wormhole travel. Strength: 2.912
  • Large ships (Raiders):
    • Raid Cruiser - The most powerful ship Marauders are able to build on their own. Equipped with the ability to generate drones and cloak, and a full weapons array of Demolisher Torpedos which grow in damage the heavier the enemy is and an array of Laser Gatlings: Blue turns invaders to ash, Red intercepts fast enemies, Green devourers planetary defenders and Pink shreds light armor. Strength: 14.790 (without drones), 15.117 (including drones)
    • Raid Carrier - While not powerful on its own the Raid Carrier acts as a centerpiece for allies, providing assistance in the form of generating powerful Frigate-Drones for both fire support and damage absorption. Its hull, armor, shield and speed are rather low. Strength: 6.724 (without drones), 12.664 (including drones)
    • Raid Blaster - Made from scavenged Spire debris this powerful raider uses a number of Coil-beam, Point beam and Beam Array weapons to destroy various enemies while also boasting good hull and very high shield capacity, in exchange for no longer having drone support. Strength: 40.464

    Marauder Defense Rework - Done
    • Spawning mechanics remain the same, but Marauders get their own unique turrets:
    • Small Defenses
      • Consumer Turret - This Turret was designed to tear apart enemies piece by piece. Its damage is low but increases greatly as enemies shields goes down, plus it metabolizes enemies quickly.
      • Breach Torpedo Turret - Mostly protected by shields a number of launch tubes aim at heavily armored targets and applies Greater Metabolization. Their range is great, but speed is low. Very, very low.
      • Beam Sniper Turret - A fragile turret with excellent instant planet-wide single-target damage, more against hulls that absorb radiation better. The beam takes a time to unfold its damage potential which is why it can't aim at close targets.
    • Medium Defenses
      • Fortified Forcefield Generator - A defensive measure taken by Marauders to protect their outposts. This variant has a fortification effect, decreasing damage taken by half if the attacker isn't in close proximity but also debuffs allied damage from under it by half.
      • Phase Cannon Turret - A turret built around a single big gun which is designed to either outright instant-kill enemies or push survivors back. Its rate of fire is low, but damage is excellent and even more so against intact enemies.
    • Large Defenses
      • Defense Post - The greatest defensive structure Marauders can construct. With both Sniper Deadline Injectors and Plasma Waves for both high range ambush and short-range destructive combat and the ability to nullify the Fortified Forcefield's damage malus it can protect fragile Outposts from invaders.

    Marauder Mechanics Rework - Almost Done
    • Marauder Spawning:
      • Invasions now use the new NRSL_StrengthBasedShipSpawner which is EXTREMELY adaptive and allows for the following spawn rules:
        • Marauder Invasions always happen in 2 stages: First a "Targeted Spawn", then a "Fill Spawn".
        • "Targeted Spawn" means that they will try to spawn a set number of entities from each Tier (Small, Medium, Large).
        • For Intensities:
          • Intensity 1 -> 100 Small
          • Intensity 2 -> 50 Small, 1 Medium
          • Intensity 3 -> 33 Small, 2 Medium
          • Intensity 4 -> 25 Small, 3 Medium, 1 Large
          • Intensity 5 -> 20 Small, 4 Medium, 1 Large
          • Intensity 6 -> 16 Small, 5 Medium, 1 Large
          • Intensity 7 -> 14 Small, 6 Medium, 2 Large
          • Intensity 8 -> 12 Small, 7 Medium, 2 Large
          • Intensity 9 -> 11 Small, 8 Medium, 2 Large
          • Intensity 10 -> 10 Small, 9 Medium, 3 Large
        • In other words: As Intensity goes up Marauders will more and more transition to spawning larger ships.
        • In case the budget isn't enough to spawn all the ships requested by the "Targeted Spawn" it will still try to empty out budget as best as possible here.
        • Up to (including) Intensity 5 they will prefer to spawn small ships until the targeted amount is reached, then move up to the next bigger stage.
        • Starting at Intensity 6 they will prefer to spawn large ships until the targeted amount is reached or the budget is no longer enough for the bigger ones, then move down to the next smaller stage
        • If after the "Targeted Spawn" there is still budget left over to spawn more ships Marauders will use a "Fill Spawn".
        • This simply means "Use this budget and randomly spawn ships across all sizes allowed until you run out".
        • At Intensity 3 and below this "Fill Spawn" may only use Small ships
        • Between (including) Intensity 4 and 7 "Fill Spawn" may use Small and Medium ships
        • At Intensity 8 and above "Fill Spawn" can use the full array of ships.
        • Ships may spawn through "Targeted Spawn" of Tiers too high for the current intensity to be spawned by "Fill Spawn", but at most that set quantity can, no more. This "eases" in larger ship designs more and more as Intensity increases.
        • At Intensity 10 Marauders gain the ability to "go into debt" with their budget. Normally both "Targeted Spawn" and "Fill Spawn" stop if they can't afford any more ships because their budget would go into the negative.
        • If allowed to go into debt they will make one last spending if they have any budget left (they will still stop if they have exactly 0 left-over budget). So if things turn out bad they can have 0.001 left and spawn a ship with 40.000 strength.
        • After doing so their budget first needs to get positive before they can spawn anything at all.
      • The base weight for Tiers is 100 (Small), 15 (Medium) and 3 (Large). This calculates to ~84.75% chance for a any Small, ~12.71% chance for any Medium and ~2.54% chance for a Large ship to spawn. As bigger ships will stop spawning when they can no longer be afforded, naturally, this is skewed to favor smaller ships. But as Intensity rises it is increasingly counter-balanced by the "Targeted Spawn" and "spawn big ships first on Targeted Spawns" mechanics, as well as the ability to go into debt.
      • Over all I hope this makes things vastly more interesting.
      • The NRSL_StrengthBasedShipSpawner is so adaptive it can easily be adapted to work for other minor factions if they ever get a rework.
    • New Fireteam Logic
      • Marauders use a special Fireteam for planetary defense. Its size is based on what's missing between the planet-bound defenses Marauders currently have and need.
      • This means that Marauders will no longer leave newly settled planets unoccupied - they leave ships behind, reducing the garrison as they build up turrets and other defenses.
      • On the other hand, Marauders should (not tested yet) be much more willing to defend their own planets, going so far as to releasing the planetary guard if an adjacent planet is under heavy attack and recalling sent Fireteams.
      • In other words: Marauders in a way have their own Warden/Hunter hybrid fleet that fluidly changes Sentinels and back, sending ships where they are needed, and if nobody does they go attack and expand the territory.
    • Other Mechanics:
      • Marauder Defectors:
        • When attacking a player planet Marauders have a chance to spawn a defector unit. The defectors have the exact same values as the normal Raid units Marauders use (Raid Cruiser/Carrier/Blaster if Spire Debris is obtained) but can be "hacked" for player ownership.
          • Each of the 3 types of Raid ship can only be hacked once, and only one non-hacked ship can be active at a time.
          • For the duration of the hack the defector disables their ship so they do not attack the player. Upon finishing their ship will be retrofitted with Human Remnant technology to be faster and have more engine power.
          • Raid Cruisers and Raid Carriers also spawn with a number of Marauder fleet ships. 3 unique designs out of the 5 available will be chosen.
          • All of the Human variants, including the centerpieces, can be upgraded by science. Centerpieces by direct science upgrades, the fleet ships with normal Techs
          • The hack delivers a great amount of power into player hands but is very expensive. 100 Hacking points, increased by 20% for each time done. But overall base strength may exceed 40 base.
          • The more designs have already been hacked the more the Marauders crack down on future defectors, decreasing the chance of them appearing.
          • If the Marauders are allied to the AI they will be twice as likely to spawn marauders but produce 10 AIP once converted unless all AIs have been defeated and the player is just cleaning up the galaxy, at which point spawning will also return to default chances.
          • The exact chance to spawn is a base of 5% for each still available defector, so at most 30% if all 3 designs are available and chances are doubled with AI-allied Marauders.
      • Marauders now have a much more "liquid" increase of their Extraglactic response. Their mobile and static strength is counted (and mobile counts twice). The maximum tier depends on intensity:
        • Tier 0 -> Never trigger Extragalactic War
        • Tier 1-3 -> At most Tier 1
        • Tier 4-7 -> At most Tier 2
        • Tier 8-9 -> At most Tier 3
        • Tier 10 -> No limit
      • Marauders have to wait 10 Minutes before they can begin to rebuild a planet after all outposts were wiped out.
      • Marauders will always try to build a Capital if they don't already have one which is much stronger and better in many ways. This helps them greatly at the start.
      • Marauders will, if they are below a combination of static and in-game calculated certain strength thresholds, produce normal ships instead of raiders. Essentially, before the Marauder Empire is big they won't spend their time sitting idly by, waiting until they have the money to spawn raiders.
      • When planetary metal has reached its limit Marauders will convert it to global invasion strength instead of having a flat bonus for each Mark 3 outpost.
      • The global cap no longer increases with the amount of planets captured.
      • Ships invading that have a drone fleet will have all drones pre-built (and paid from budget too).
      • On planets Marauders build ships with metal. They harvest it from any metal and energy source (by conversion), produce a small bit from their outposts and a large bit from their Capital, and get an absurd amount from the Zenith Matter Converters and Power Generators.
      • Outpost count is 4 normally, 2 when allied to the player, 1 when allied to the AI, but they can now also settle on AI planets.
      • Metal income is reduced when on a planet owned by their ally.
      • Marauders will have a number of Journal entries. A total of 23/24 have been written but none have been implemented so far.

ToDo List:
  • Fix the bugs in the new Fireteam logic

Feedback and Suggestions welcome!
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