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Ideas for AI buildings and capturables.


In discord Chris asked for things that fit into "things I'd like to kill that the AI would have" or "things I'd like to have on my end in some fashion to make life nicer"

Here's a list of things I think would be interesting.

AI stuff:

Science Encrypter: Prevents science extraction on adjacent planets while alive.
AI Safety Consultant: Prevents hacking point extraction on adjacent planets while alive.
Design Backup Server: Veto a shipline like in classic.
Deepstrike Alarmist: The AI will always think you are deepstriking on planets with this building. Perhaps the timer is more lenient.
Minor Faction Pacifier: Killing this building makes that minor faction more aggressive towards this AI. Perhaps giving it more budget.
AI Vengeance Generator: Stuff dying on this planet makes it spawn more and more ships. Killing this structure grants science based on the amount of rage accumulated.

Human stuff:
I imagine these being capturables.

Taunter: Movable. Makes waves targeting this planet more likely.
Hunter kamikazeifier: Makes the hunter fleet suicidal.
Warden terrorizer: Makes the warden fleet cowardly.

Comments and additions are welcome.


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