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Get out, the sun is shining !
« on: September 13, 2016, 03:15:32 PM »
From the fatal refleeting thread:

Quote from: kasnavada on Today at 10:13:44 AM
    Actually, I kind of remember than in those case, one of the AI plot got some kind of teleporter thingy capable of targetting something beyond your defenses. I don't have the game at the moment, can't check. While, possibly not the right idea...

    Shouldn't the game require the player to go out more?

This, I like.  If you want to make a fleetwipe a bad thing, make it an opportunity cost.  Fleetwipe means you miss out on raiding an AI supply train.  Fleetwipe means you have nothing available to attack and destroy the AI Grape Launcher before it sends a counterwave into your backyard.  Fleetwipe means you can't send reinforcements to your allies when they come under attack.
Something like that.

And this, from "the The return of space tugs: “Immortal” Player Starships and Golems" thread:
How about tugs would bring "something" back from the AI territory, like the core of a guard post, or just a blob of metal that would act as salvage, to make refleet go faster ? (I think chemical art suggested that in another thread).

It'd fit with "guerrilla" style of AI war, blow stuff, take stuff, go back home, repeat.

In addition, and possibly more thematic, rather than rebuilding a lost golem... the player could gets notifications like "The AI started to build a golem at (place), capture it before it's gone !". With fuel to limit the number of units, it could not become too crazy anyway.

Any other idea that could encourage the player to go raid / capture / do whatever is needed / an opportunity in the AI's place ? I think that helping minor factions / human factions will "occupy" a lot of space here, but, possibly, other ideas could spawn something cool.


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