Author Topic: Dogfights/strafing/ship movement other than standoff planned?  (Read 143 times)

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I'm wondering... are any automated ship movements planned for the initial versions of AI war 2?

What I mean by that is.. ships moving around eachother while firing.. fighter dogfights, etc... Or will it be all ships getting into range and then just sitting there unloading their weapons?

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Re: Dogfights/strafing/ship movement other than standoff planned?
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2017, 02:46:11 PM »
It depends on what you mean, exactly.  For squads themselves, they wouldn't be doing any auto-maneuvering any more than happened in Classic.  I'm not sure if auto-kiting will be a thing, but that's a question for Keith.

Within squads, though, they'll be buzzing around like little swarms in snowglobes to some extent, and able to switch between formations for travel (more steady like now, for the humans), versus sitting idle (moving slowly for humans, but still moving), versus fighting (lots of fast motions and whatnot like the trailers in the kickstarter).

Generally speaking, when it comes to individual ships doing things like apparent strafing runs or whatnot, there's nothing that complex going on.  What we are doing creates a lot of sense of motion, and you get more sense of barrages and so on, but it's not true ship tactics like you'd see in Freespace or something that's an actual dogfighting game.  The underlying simulation here is doing already what it will do at the end, and the stuff on top is just visual fluff.

With the scale that battles can get to here, there's not any consumer computer available that could run true dogfights in realtime in my opinion -- at least not without a lot of pre-scripting, etc.

It should be pretty fun to look at, and hopefully listen to. :)
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