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Title: Artificial Amnesia
Post by: Chthon on October 05, 2016, 07:05:11 PM
Currently, when the AI is kicked out of a system completely, and it returns, it will remember what personality it had in that system. This can make it predictable for the player playing there. I suggest an option to change this behavior.

First level of this will make it so if the AI is completely kicked out of the system, it rolls a whole new personality when it returns. You never know what to expect, and it could be much more dangerous than before.

Second level of this will allow the AI to change one personality effect any time the player destroys a certain number of command stations in a system within a certain time. Such damage will knock it a little silly, or cause it to change tactics.

Third level would allow the AI to do the second level tactic any time it rebuilds a command station in a system even if it hasn't lost control of the system. This will make it progressively harder for the player as his opponent is more and more unpredictable.

Fourth level is basically the second level but with every station destroyed. Furthermore, with every command station lost, there is a chance it can direct the change into something that may benefit it more greatly against your units. Be swift and precise, or it will counter you!

Fifth and final level, all of the above, and any change can be specifically tailored against you. Not just when a command station is lost. Do not dilly dally in any system, or it quickly will change to counter your build!

Tell me what you think of this idea everyone :D
Title: Re: Artificial Amnesia
Post by: Cinth on October 05, 2016, 07:11:50 PM
Something to investigate post 1.0 for sure :)