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Unable to build because of EntityIsInHoldFireMode error



I was taking a pounding on one of the planets and had lost my Logistical Command Station. It was greyed out in the playing area. Having done this successfully before, I recycled (deleted) it so I could build a new one and reclaim the planet. However upon attempting to build a new one I got the following error EntityIsInHoldFireMode (with no spaces between the words, as shown here). I was not able to rebuild my Logistical Command Station as a result. What's this error? The lack of spaces make it looks like some coding thing has escaped up to the UI.



Is the fleet on that planet in "hold fire" mode?

Thanks for the reply. Not that I know of (unless I accidentally hit a button). How can I tell and how can I change the mode?

If you have the flagship selected, there's a "status bar" in the bottom right with the stances the unit can be in; Group Move, Pursuit, etc... There's one called "Hold Fire" mode; I think the symbol is a pause symbol, the two vertical lines.

Thanks, let me try that if it happens again. I've encountered another problem where the mouse select or pressing 'M' selects nothing. Selecting any of the battleships / flagships (or other ships) takes no action and as such cannot move anything anywhere.


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