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Stalemates - post your saves!


So, one thing that's come up in a few threads is people getting stalemated, with a strong preference for the AI to just kill you instead of stalemating. 

Per Draco18s and kasnavada, one way this happens is when playing with Golems-Hard or Spirecraft-Hard.  You fight off an exo, and by the time you rebuild your defenses, another Exo or CPA is arriving, giving you no time to attack the AI.  In particular, with Golems-Hard, you might either not have any golems yet, or you only have one or two and they're not actually useful against a particular exo.   This can go on for hours and hours. 

Would you guys mind posting saves of games that wound up in this state? Ideally a save right before and after repelling an exo.  I would find that really helpful for getting a better sense of what this is like. 

It sounds like there are other situations that can cause this as well.  If anyone has gotten stalemated, can you post describing what all was happening, and maybe post saves? 

This is inspired by the endgame/losing thread but I didn't want to hijack that one for this discussion. 

Sadly, I'd have to see if I still have any of my save files.  But first I'd need to set up my new computer.
Following that, I can't say I'd be able to go "oh this one" to any given file.

I don't have saves either about that situation. I tend not to keep multiple saves of the same game so it wouldn't show...

I may have posted one in an old thread on the forum that lead to changes in the reinforcement mechanics, but couldn't find it again. Even if I did, that mechanic's changed, so it wouldn't stale again.

No saves, but the salvaged and reprisal system dramatically reduced the odds of something like this happening for me.

Well, worth a try; it sounds like maybe exos just need to give out more salvage. The new space tug mechanic where you can recover enemy ship husks for metal sounds like it might fix that. 


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