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Strategic Sage:
Now that we have this forum up, I will deign to post the video series I've been doing here.  As always, all suggestions are welcome and encouraged. 

Beginner Walkthrough

This uses the basic quickstart 1, single difficulty-4 AI, and assumes no prior knowledge of the game.  Along with that I intentionally play badly at a number of points, in order to show the AI reacts. 

The Real War Begins

Advanced tutorial series/ traditional 'standard' setup;  dual diff-7 AIs (Full Ensemble), Human Resistance (5), Marauders (3), Devourer Golem.  Meant to more or less demonstrate a normalish playthrough.  Currently in progress, steaming pretty well towards the endgame at this point. 

It's looks like I'll be doing at least one more run;  I'm going to be soliciting ideas on what that should be - chaos galaxy w/Civil War, single high-difficulty AI, Full Badger QS has been suggested, whatever.  I also may take a look at specific 'problem scenarios' if anyone sends any of those in. 

Hey Thotimx,

Maybe not good for a video, but if you are accepting questions, I'm still struggling with how to work with fleets. I come from AI War 1, using control groups. First few planets, fine, fleet ball and go. At midgame, I'd like to understand what fleet control looks like, gameplay-wise.

I nominate The Full Badger!

Strategic Sage:
Nomination noted - there's a guy on Steam, longtime viewer of mine, who wanted to know if you ever actually beat your own quickstart on a recent patch.  He was strugging with it some.  :)

Cyborg - on the fleets thing, the most basic thing is that they are your new control group.  I came from AI War 1 as well, never touched this game until like two days before launch.  A lot of it is situational, depending on your galaxy and what you have.  I say that because fleet management IMO needs to be part of an integrated strategy - what you choose for tech, whether you aim for a high or low-AIP style, what other complications are present with the other factions, and so on will have a lot to do with how you proceed.  It is probably worth saying in general - and this is one of those areas where I'd be happy to look at a save or two to give more specific advice if desired - that for every combat role you should have a fleet, even if that means building custom ones.  I typically have a couple strong fleets that I use on Eye planets, long-range ships get a fleet, ships that I haven't upgraded much or at all get a fleet for more minor roles, things like that.  There's a balance between short and long-term thinking since you don't want to have to swap lines out too much (costs metal with them getting auto-scrapped). 

I've covered these things in some of the videos, but I don't think I can really intelligently say more without looking at specifics. 

Unfortunately, I don't really have time to actually play the game much. I've played one full game since the release, and that was just against a level 6 or something pretty weak like that. I'm looking forward to getting to play once y'all stop finding bugs ;-)


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