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Yeah, the rules for (say) anti-MDC assassins are now as follows: If we can get to an MDC, we will go for it. If we can't, we are now generic fireteams that can attack anything. Keep in mind that assassins are brand new behaviour and the one person who has given me a lot of feedback (you) played most of the game with a bug that made them mostly disabled. I need more data before I make changes.

In general, X and Octopus maps give the player real advantages since you can cut off the AI homeworld. I'm not intending to add specific game mechanics for those map types. It just means the game is a bit easier on those, and that's okay. That said, DLC2 will have some new tools for the AI that will help on those maps...

Yeah, makes sense. Excited to play around with the new behavior, but I start a new job next week so may not have time/energy to play much for a bit.

I suppose I could always get a Pure 10 win by abusing the Octopus map, and then y'all will have to either ban Octopus or adjust mechanics. :P  I'd uh, probably have to get a lot better at this game for that though.

Could you stick your save and comments about scourge suiciding on mantis so I won't forget it?

The plan was to have DLC2 released around when multiplayer is done; the fact that multiplayer isn't even in alpha yet means it will  be a while. Which is actually great, because it increases the chances that DLC2 will be nicely polished and balanced on release.


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