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This one is still in progress. Gonna jot down note as I go, stream of consciousness.

Octopus map (obviously, I created it).
Two AIs at Diff 7
Allied Marauders 5
Astro Trains 5

Started in one arm.

First off: took a minute to get used to fleets but LOVING them so far.  Everything I wanted from them!!!  Transport, repair, refleeting, the interaction with AI Eyes! 

Then i got like 30 mins in and my allied marauders... would not... stop taking things.  And an instigator base popped up on the far side of a Mark V planet.  Stuck my nose in the door, so many stacks of some unit that nukes high albedo.  Which took out my warbirds, where I'd invested a ton of tech.  And a Warden base next door that I'd not killed yet.  I wound up having to retreat and not really being able to make any progress.

Then I realized that I can tell Marauders not to kill command centers... so I decided to restart so I didn't lose the Super Terminal.

Notes from round 2:

Why do Parasites have such terrible range?  They have LESS than your fighters, that's not enough for a support unit. 

Why do Force Field Frigates have 6000 range?  That's not enough to cover your 8k range siege units (they'll wander too far forward), and too much to cover your front line fighters at 3k range.  With autokite they just... hang out and shield approximately nothing.  These really need a 'super group move' (meaning, stay under the bubble), or a way to disable autokite for a particular fleet.   And -50% damage reduction on an offensive mobile forcefield is pretty rough.  Unimpressed with these so far.  They're probably amazing when the going gets tougher.  These are a good candidate for that idea I suggested where you could have a line of ships with multiple forms, and you could pick between them; you could have one with 4k range and one with 8k range.

Warbirds!  I was like, why do these have paralysis instead of cloaking.  Then I decided they are amazing, even if they do have such high speed that they tend to zoom around ahead of everything else.  I keep being shocked that they don't die charging ahead of my forces.

Encountered a Dire Widow Guardian.  Was delighted that the AIWC behavior of abducting your units is still present!  Except I feel like a Dire Widow Guardian should have more than 20 tractors.  Also, it tried to run to a planet that was a dead end, and then just bounced back and forth between the last two planets until I killed it.    Very annoying rubber banding behavior.

Hello. I'll see what I can do about anything you put in here, when I can.

Parasites...huh. Somehow I've never noticed that. I'll get it sorted tomorrow, thank you.

Warbirds should have cloaking - do they not for you somehow? And the Dire Widow Guardian - should be 200 tractor beams. I do want to change some things for the Guardians, Dires in particular, so that might be something to check.

For Forcefield Frigates...yeah, bit of an iffy unit. I can make them immune to auto-kite if that'd help?

Oh my goodness the Warbirds DO cloak.  That may explain how they avoid dying so well.  I'm playing with just icons; I guess the icon only shows that they're decloaked?  I'd probably prefer the icon indicate that that they're cloaked. 

Yep, you're right, Dire Widow Guardian has 200 tractors.  I think I read the 20x shots on its paralyzing gun. 

Did y'all JUST update the game to show DPS in tooltips?  I logged out, saw this, logged back in, and the tooltips had changed.  YAY for showing DPS, that's very helpful. 

I was going to suggest changing the FF Frigate's range to 4k, but I just tested and the bubble gets bigger as its mark increases.  If possible, I would suggest making its range scale with mark so that its always 1.5-2k larger than its FF bubble.  Otherwise, I dunno what to do with it.  They work fine if you micro them; group move and a bunch of queued move orders to fly in circles around whatever you want dead will make sure your stuff stays bunched up underneath it.  A better fix might be to disable auto-kite for units under friendly forcefields in general (though the FF frigates themselves should still autokite). 

I'd slightly reduce V-wing range and slightly increase Fusion Bomber range, as well, so that the V-wings stay in front, if the V-wings are supposed to soak fire for the bombers.  It's also not super obvious why Fusion Bombers are good against structures; I thought that made no sense until I checked and realized that most structures have a 1 hull : 2 shield, whereas most nonstructures have 2 hull : 1 shield. 

So, if you have an enemy planet with Stealth Guard Posts that don't feel like deploying their stuff, it's almost impossible to find them and decloak them.  I had a planet which I mostly neutered, and I had to send some Sentinel Gunboats wandering all over the planet to find them.  They have a tiny tachyon range (1700? what?) which I guess is for decloaking stuff that jumps them, while not making them utterly hose stealthers...  but they're the only mobile unit with tachyon I've found.   AIWC has the Decloaker which you could pay science to unlock; AIW2 could use either a similar unit that can always be obtained via science (but not sure how that fits into fleets), or a hack that decloaks the planet briefly.  Combat sentry frigate in the support fleet covers this.

The fleet experience thing is super weird.  It seems like fleet flagships are the ONLY thing that it matters for now?  I guess that makes sense for Golems but it's a bit odd for transport flagships.

Also I think my Marauders are stuck.  They have a big pile of raider frigates sitting on a world with an AI command station that is refusing to spit out its guards, and I turned off their permission to kill command stations.  Maybe they don't have enough strength to go somewhere else?  Not sure how to get the debug logging for their decisions.

Do Astro Trains not spawn at Train Stations?  I just had a Tank Train fly across my home system (!!!!!) despite the fact that there's no train station OR AI systems behind my home system.  I did have a system back there that was owned by friendly marauders, so maybe it spawned there. 


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