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I believe I have fixed  that 'marauders get stuck' bug for the next patch

Astro Trains can spawn anywhere that's not a king planet or Depot planet

I'd rather trains always spawn on train stations.  That's how they worked in Classic, and gives the player a bit more predictability as to which planets they can affect; you might not be able to prevent them from routing through your home system, but you can at least destroy the nearby stations to guarantee yourself some warning.   If that's accompanied by more stations appearing during mapgen, or if the stations need to increase AIP slightly on death, that seems a fair trade. 

For context: if I'd built two military commands instead of a military and a logistics in my frontline, I'd have run out of energy when it killed the econ station behind my homeworld.  Then it would have hit my home command station 20s later, and if running out of energy still disables force fields, it would have killed me.  That's pretty terrifying. 

For the ranges:

* V-Wing range 4,200 -> 3,200.

* Fusion Bomber range 4,000 -> 4,200.

* Parasite range 3,200 -> 6,000.

* Sentinel Gunboat tachyon range 1,700 -> 3,200.

* Ranger tachyon range 3,200 -> 5,000.

Though the default range slider is 0.8x, so it's a bit shorter than those for the weapons but should still work.

For the DPS, yes. It was a thing in the PrePivot I last recall. I was changing some of the tooltip stuff then it occurred to me to try and see if it was still possible. Some help from Chris and there it is. Just needed some updating to work properly.

Fleet Experience is a bit odd right now. It's undergone a few changes since the original implementation, and the Perk system isn't in yet.

I've also hopefully properly noted why the Bombers are decent against structures.

Love the new ranges.

I actually restarted the campaign so I could disable friendly marauders killing AI command stations.  They were just racking up way too much AIP for my tastes, and they killed the Super Terminal which I wasn't okay with.

Then I had to put this on hold for a bit, because the bug where FFs didn't work would get me killed by a wave of Sentry Gunboats.  Picked it back up once that was fixed.

I've now neutered my entire starting arm and most of the middle of the map.  I upgraded my Spiders and Warbird Frigates three times and then hacked for the final tech, so they're all Mark V, and I used a Fleet Capacity Extender to get a double cap of Spiders.  Soooo much engine slow! 

I didn't bother taking any GCAs for more turrets for quite a while; I finally grabbed two that gave spider turrets since they're Mark V.  Not sure if the spider turrets are better than AIWC, but the animation makes them look like they're doing a lot of work, which is satisfying. 

I've noticed a LOT of friendly Human Marauder Raiders running around, but I only just realized that the Marauder outposts need to not have a FRIENDLY command station to grow to Mark III.  They are not limited by an AI command center.  Wasn't an issue before because they'd just kill command stations, but now that I can tell them not to do that:

Any time I neuter an AI planet, they drop an outpost.  Since the AI only gets 5% reinforcements, and since I'm applying constant pressure by sailing around neutering planets and taking choke points to prevent the AI from getting into the areas I've cleared, those outposts are free to multiply and mature.

At this point, my entire starting arm is covered in Mark III Marauder outposts.  There are HUGE fleets of friendly raiders sailing around the middle cluster, and I've gotten notifications of them attacking the arms I haven't even gotten to yet.  I'm pretty sure they're clearing out Mark IV and V planets without me needing to do anything.   I didn't even see the last CPA; I think the horde of raiders took them out.

Sure, they're killing all the warp gates they find, which is annoying causing a lot of waves to get canceled or to spawn as threat, but anything that spawns as threat, they just kill off.  And I've killed three or four data centers and captured two Major Data Centers, so I've actually been riding the floor, and am currently at around AIP 100, without having hacked the Super Terminal or killed the coprocessors.  They're not raising the AIP so much that I'm really having issues, not with how powerful they are.

I suggest maybe making friendly marauder outposts require the system not have any command station to fully mature.

I'd also really prefer more permanent vision.  There's gotta be some happy compromise between 'I have scouts picketed across the entire map' and 'I can't see anything on AI planets unless I spend precious Hacking Points or put Logistics stations on the front lines'.   It's especially annoying because the Marauders are out doing who knows what and I can't see what they're doing!  I'd suggest Military commands should grant vision of adjacent and Logistics should grant two hops out.  Or am I supposed to split up my Fleet Transports and go searching for the CPA when it spawns?   


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