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Decently versed in AIW1 but having trouble with 2


Hi there! Not exactly an after action report, but guessing I can leverage the expertise of everyone here to help me out a bit. I had played quite a few games of AI War classic and enjoyed it immensely. Participated lightly in the beta for AIW2 finding just a couple bugs but never really tried to complete a whole game. Recently, especially with all the cool changes since the last time I played, I decided to really sit down and play some games. I read about all the changes in the How To Play, learned about how fleets worked, turrets, etc. (basically all the changes for old players). That said I feel like I am really having trouble with AIW2 to the point where I feel like I must be doing something wrong.

Most recent game was difficulty 6 with very few frills. I conquered the worlds around my homework, got 1 other fleet captured and hacked a new ship type. Teched up my weapons a bit but then got pretty stuck. I tried to take another world 2 hops away and, per the guidance I'd read, used a hit and run strategy (the new transports are really convenient!), whittled it down and went to build on it. But not only did this take forever as every time I left my systems with my fleet the AI sent an equivalent fleet in, but I could never hold the new world as ships just kept pouring in from adjacent worlds. Meanwhile I was completely capped on metal almost all game with nothing to do with it other than replace my losses. Just felt like I got into a stalemate. What am I missing (I'm sure it's many things)? I feel like I am starting from square 1 haha. AIP was around 80-100 at the time.

I appreciate any tips!

Strategic Sage:
Good question.  A few things I might suggest:

** This would be more visible in the main AI War 2 forum and you'd probably get more response there. 

** Not enough information here to really know for sure what is going on.  What mk level was the AI world you were trying to conquer, was it guards/reserves/warden/hunter you were having problems with, what ships you had and what their levels were, etc.  One possibility would be to join the discord and send a save there for people to look at and give advice, or you could give more info here possibly w/screenshots, whatever you're more comfortable with.  The AI doesn't use fleets per se, so what exactly they were doing is still a bit nebulous here but more info would clear it up. 

** In the self-promotion category, you could try out this series, played at difficulty 7:  I think I linked in another thread further down in this forum, but it's meant as an 'advanced tutorial' at standard-ish resistance.  I had another one lower that i started with for beginners, but it sounds to me like that probably wouldn't help you as much at this point. 

Thanks, Strategic Sage! And sorry for any breaches of forum etiquette...I am not really that well versed in these kinds of things.
I think to start I will view the videos you linked and see if I can learn anything new from that, and barring that maybe try the discord.

Strategic Sage:
You're welcome, no apology  needed.  It's more a best way for you to get answers thing, nobody will get too upset about what forum you post in. 


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