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9/9/9 Happy fun time[WON]

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Well, first AAR...more Action, less After. I think I'll up the ante from my usual games. Time to see how badly I fail.

Map: Simple/Simple/Small Circles
80 planets
Seed: 847360568
9/9/9 Random Easier/Base/Predator
Dark Spire 6/10
Human Resistance 6/10
Dyson Sphere 6/10
Cookie monster
Zenith Trader

Starting Planet: Ormuzd
Version 1.321

Let the games begin.

0:00 - Hmm...initial look around already tells me this is going to be a fun one. Both visible ARS have Eyebots. Could be useful to sync. A couple augmenters around. Nuc turrets will synergize well with the Tech. One fleet extender and two beacons. Choices...
Tertius: Fleet Tanks/Auto-Bombs
Hivehom: Fleet Parasites/Persuaders

Both visible fleet groups are....alright. One has Tanks/Auto-Bombs, other has Parasites/Persuaders. Going to grab the latter and leave the former for those tractors.
I'll start with the fleet grab and see what the next scout reveal gives me.

Initial unlocks:

Engineer II
Harvesters II
Forcefields II

0:01 - Ugh...why do there have to be so many gravity generators AND great Pikes. Useless melees. Oh AND ablative bye bye bombers.

0:20 - Initial neutering is done. It's great when you can get all the AI ships to chase your lone sniper frigate around the gavity well.

0:27 - Hivehom is mine with that zombie fleet. Let's see what the scounting reveals.

Amult:Frigate Cood/ARS
Bolo:GCA/Major Data Center/Alarm Post

Hmm...vengenence generator next door. At least it's a MarkII so a neuter and bleh. The Ion could be annoying. Another ARS with Barnacles AND the frigate coordinator, and more eyebots! Of course, the major data center had to have an alarm post with a raid engine next door. And I want that raid engine planet eventually for that Tech there...Generalist. Don't really want to burn all my HaP too quick. Need to keep that response down for the super terminal. Maybe I'll beachhead and suck a couple triggers while I hack the tech.

Oh and our first wave in two minutes with 140 Anti-Shield tanks. May grab the minipods from the 3rd ARS for all this heavy armor I'm seeing.

0:31 - Heh...tank alpha knocked out the battlestation instantly. Let's get a couple more unlocks to help push through to these ARSs

Unlock: Tech II/III
7250 science left

0:32 - That's...that's a lot of sniper guardians. At least the gravity generators are nowhere close

0:41 - Threat ball next door. Zombie time!

1:00 - More neutering underway. Have my first set of eyebots and working on Amult for those goodies there. Those tractors are great to drag groups of ships back to the kill zone.

Once I get that, I hope I get some intel on a DC somewhere. Like to keep that AIP down...don't really want M.II AI yet, but if not I'll start pushing on that Major center or a GCA for some turrets. I'm debating on the one plasma vs. 3x nucs because of that raw damage against those tanks. I also need to setup crumple zones before that first CPA.

AIP: 30

After taking a break for some food, I've had a change of looking over my options gave me some other ideas. That frigate coor. is nice, but won't help me a lot right now. Plus that MDC has a dire beam guardian on it. I don't got firepower to play with that right now. Oh, and that raid engine planet has a dire shredder... plan:

Get the whipping boy setup to my southern flank.
Grab the extender on...something.
Noticed one of the ARSs had parasite hydras, that will sync well with the other zombies I have. I'll grab that instead of eyebots. Now I'm wishing I got something different with that first ARS. Eyebots are good for some specific targets though.

1:02 - Return home and start heading out. Sorry coordinator! You can suffer for a little longer.

1:10 - Horvitz defenses, go join the undead.

1:13 - AIP Instigator eh? Fine. Be that way.

1:15 - Gimmie Hydras

1:19 - Ok. I need a little more DPS. Time to upgrade these melees.

Melee II
5750 science

1:21 - 2 minutes on the instigator. Most of the bodies are cleaned out. And the wave that spawned behind me wasn't very nice.

1:22 - Oh hey, resistance fighters came to help out.

1:23 - You know, maybe I shouldn't have ignored that wave for so long. Those anti-shield tanks suck. May lose Hivehom.

1:24 - Pop goes the weasel...10 seconds after the fleet shows up.

1:26 - Hivehom rebuilt and cleaned. Yeah...I need some more anti-armor ships. Time to step up minipod hunting.

1:30 - 1k stingrays? How do you like your brains?

1:32 - Bout 200 came to the dark side, rest were tasty.

Ok. Here's what I'm going to do. The ARS that has the minipods also has a raid engine on site. I'll have the zombie group enter first to raise hell, then the secondary group comes in to hold the portal and start hacking. Once the hack is away before the 2nd trigger. We can eat one, but don't really want the second.

1:33:21 - In we go. Timer started.

1:33:51 - First trigger...and of course the threat fleet decided to attack Hivehom.

1:34:17 - Hack done. Back in the cars everyone, we'll swing by to pick you up if you tripped.

1:35 - Now back to cleanup duties before we hit the extender. Hivehom can hold for a while longer.

1:37 - Clear, now for the extender...I think it's minipods. Need some good chaff and swarmers.

1:39 - And done. 0 HaP. Guess I can put together the whipping boy now and maybe some warp gate cleaning.

1:40 - Makassar station popped. AIP: 50. Splitting my forcefields over the GCA until I can get some HaP back, but that will happen quickly.

1:41 - Wave in 30 seconds. I'll clean that up first, then start the hack.

1:45 - Ohhh...and now a vengence strike in 10 minutes. Let me get this hack underway...I still need to examine my scout data.

1:49 - Hack finished incoming Exo.

While I'm waiting on that...let's see what we have from scout data.

Thorne: GCA/DC
Rabin: IC/IC/VG
Langefors: BH/ARS/DC
Rondelle: Extender/Warden
Gehenna :MD/DN/RE/Fleet
Unity: Factory/IC/TA
Humphrey: Factory
Rulif: TA/Extender/Nanocaust

2 Data Centers are the big things here, but the next planet(s) are difficult. The Fleet is LOADED with frigates: Siege, Suppressor, and Warbird. Plus some token tanks.
The data centers are the next targets. Got a dire shredder on one and dire concussion on the other. Expecting heavy losses.

1:50 - Of course the dire shredder decided to park himself right next to the center...the dozen or so tractors don't help either when I'm melee focused.

1:54 - First DC down -20AIP

1:54:59 - Vengence Strike 0:01. Have fun AI...though I'm expecting some threat fleet afterwards. I better get that other center quickly.

1:57 - Number two. AIP back on the floor. 63 strength threat fleet

2:00 - So...a 24 strength wave incoming, and I just noticed the VG next to Hivehom is at 94%...with a large grouping of AI clustered around it.

I know a CPA is coming soon, so I need to finish preparing for it by clearing out the threat fleet. I'm debating if I want to trigger the dark spire now, or maybe get a trigger during the CPA. There is a big chunk of threat there right now...

Meh. I'll sleep on it.

Long term goals:

-That Exo still hasn't showed...
-Frigate fleet sitting out there
-Now I'll grab that coordinator
-and the major DC
-7750 Science + 2/3 planets incoming

Current AIP: 19

State of the Union:

I feel like some entertainment. Chaos and mayhem are on the cards today. I'm sure I'm going to regret it.

2:01 - Fleet warps into Cormack. The Dark Spire take offense to that. Fleet turns and scatters. "Have fun! Don't break too much!"

~2:02 - Well, that was lame. I was hoping for something more lively then that. Meh.

2:03 - Wave cleared, more undead join the party.

Alright Dark Spire, you disappoint me. Do I need to come in there and teach you how to REALLY party?
Yes...yes, I think I do.

2:04 - Fleet jumps back into Cormack. Horde of zombies come to play as well

2:04:29 - Ah, now you are starting to get the hang of it.

2:04:51 - There you go! Come join the party!

2:05:05 - Much better! Have a ball. I'm outta here.

2:05:47 - Now wait a minute, I didn't say follow me. "But you were having sooooo much fun!!!"
Ugh...fine. At least you took out a couple guard posts.

2:07:09 - Last call! Party is over! Now to go clean up the trash.

Wait...are you mad because the party is over? I'm done playing for now. Maybe later.

2:09 - Oh yeah, I wanted to take out the warp gate.
2:09:24 - Of course a wave is spawning using it...meh. I can handle a stall. Gate down. +5 AIP.

Ok, I need to finish neutering around Makassar and prep for the CPA. I still have not seen the Exo. Wonder if it already died against my defenses and I missed it...

2:12 - CPA declared. Neuter faster and get that threat cleared

2:13 - Ah, there's the threat ball. It can't make up it's mind between Cormack and Eckert.

2:16 - Oh, and some on Tertius. Figure it's coming at Hivehom.

2:17 - Yep.

2:17:36 - Damn, there's a lot of Mark VI ships in the threat. I didn't wake any of those up with my DC run. Must have been another party(bar fight) somewhere else.

2:22:02 - CPA 1 second

2:22:03 - 87 strength? I was expecting 100 something. Not that I'm complaining.

2:23 - Of course, the wave sneaks through and takes out Makassar. Fleet enroute.

2:23:47 - Yeah, must still be a bar fight going on. Threat popped over 100 with the wave still here.

2:24:24 - Can combat engineers repair forcefields when they are being attacked? It has the "Can't be repaired" flag, yet there they are. Never noticed that before...oh the possibilities.

2:25:30 - A lot of the threat came out to play. 39 strength on Makassar, another 79 somewhere else.

2:25:48 - Add an Instigator base to the list. It's on Tarian.

2:27:19 - 30 threat, 38 attack

2:30:15 - Instigator trigger, 21/3.

2:33 - Instigator cleared. Threat at 20.

Well, that was fun. The Dark Eidolin right at CPA start was annoying, but that's what I get I guess. Where's my trader? Have not seen him at all.
Alright, now...where was I? I would like to get that other fleet, but with no hacking points I can't deal with the raid engine. I don't really want to eat the 5 AIP.
So...instead I'll pop the node in the same planet and suck a single trigger. That will get me enough points. I'll have to take out the OMD the old fashioned way before that or I'll lose the hacking ship.

2:37:01 - First trigger. 2 minutes until the next.

2:38:30 - OMD Down. Everybody in. Oh, and another wave of tanks at Makassar.

2:39:05 - and....done. I'll come back to you in a minute.

Meanwhile on Makassar...
Oh another wave of bombers and saws? And Dark Spire again.

Makassar clear, now to get that fleet. Ohh...and trader heading to Hivehom. Let's grab some additional defense ships to help out. I'm not going to max it though. This is a crumple world to delay the AI. Don't really want to dump too much in it.
And went all the way to the homeworld. Power gen time. I think I'll grab the FF and one of the OMDs for now. Just in case something big slips through. Probably will end up moving it somewhere else.
It's just a good day for me. Makassar gets some goodies as well.

2:51 - Gehenna is mine. MilI I think. Don't really care too much about this planet after I get the fleet. While it's building, let's take a look around...

Key things I see:

2 more data centers: Fasmi & Wallach
The other MDC: Ahnit
Melee Tech vault: Murdoch
ZPG: Mores
Another Frigate fleet: Nillson

Yeah..I need to grab that coordinator. I think I'm going to have to spend some more hacking points going toward those centers and ZPG. The best routes both have raid engines on them and detours are not scounted or involve going past OMDs. I'm going to secure what I got first and get this frigate fleet online before I commit anywhere for now.
I think I need to get my econ up a little more as well. Let's spend some of this science. 6 matter converters up for all these goodies right now. Pausing most of the frigate production until I can get some more economy going.

Harvesters III
Engineers III
5250 science left

I going to need to neuter Murdoch and Batara soon. Both are M.IV planets and that's going to be annoying.

3:00 - Ion cannon down on Murdoch and the Dire Pike is at 30%. Next wave incoming in a couple minutes, but should handle it fine.

I need to figure out where to go after I neuter things. Do I grab the coordinator now? Hit the DCs? I think it will depend on how my economy is and how soon I can get the ZPG up and running. 6 matter converters sucks, and I'm going to need more with all the frigates coming online. Almost wondering if the AIHW is over to the north west somewhere...two Mk.VI planets right next to each other.

Current AIP: 41

State of the union:

The 4th hour always seems to slow down for me. It's a transition time.

3:01 - Dire Pike on Murdoch dead. I think I'll leave this for now...see if I can't hit the DCs

3:02 - Why won't my ships evac? Oh yeah...BHM...

3:06 - 1 DC down

3:09 - and there goes the 2nd. Too bad it's a fleet wipe for the 2nd. That OMD wiped the transports. Back to ~70 strength on the threat.

3:16 - Worth noting, I've reclaimed about 2.6 million metal so far over this game. Never doubt or ignore the bonus you get from those metabolizing units.

3:21 - Threat reduced down, back to Murdoch.

3:30 - Ugh. Reprisal charging.

3:31 - But it was almost cleared anyways. :)

3:32 - Time to hack this tech. Shame I haven't found the super terminal yet. This is going to increase the hacking response.

3:33 - Wait..CPA Instigator on Tarian...hold on the hack.

3:34:45 - I wonder if it got a trigger or not. Died right at ~0 on the timer and ran off to ~-12000 seconds or so in the next tick. I'm going to assume not.

3:36 - Hacky hack. Plus side of the BHM? Most of the zombies I got from clearing the planet couldn't leave. I'll take about 200 M.IV ships to help out any day. Over-matched against the Mk.I spawns, hell yes but so entertaining.

3:38 - +1 Melee. My work here is done. 5 HaP left.

3:39 - Ok. Batara is going to be a little harder to clean. That eye is going to restrict who I can have on planet. 2 fleets max, and one guard post is a stealth one so I'll need to bring the combat sentry when I get that one.

3:40 - Why are my frigates dying so fast?!? Oh yeah...OMD...and the 35 great sniper turrets don't help either.

3:48 - Vengeance Strike declared.

3:52 - And now a reprisal...ugh. The issue is that Dire Tesla sitting right on the entrance gate.

3:58 - A little fancy movement in and out to keep resetting the timer on the reprisal, and all the posts are taken out. Just under a minute for the Dark spire.

3:58:51 - Triggered, looks like at least one group heading toward Hivehom.

4:00 - And cleaned.

I was hoping for more this hour, but I'm back on the AIP floor with about 20 buffer. Gehenna is protected, but I still need to take out the warp gates. Not really needed yet though. Next hour should be a little more entertaining. I'm not looking forward to cleaning Unity. That planet will need to be if I take that MDC and coordinator.

Current AIP: 28

State of the union:

Oh yeah...there is a CPA coming soon. Maybe I should prepare for that.
It's going to start getting to a point where I need some more turrets. When I get the MDC, I'll get a couple teslas and mines. That will help, but maybe I need some more. I'm going to focus on keeping things cleaned in the local environ until the CPA announces so I got a good handle on it.

4:00 - 60% on the ZPG

4:03 - Cookie monster on Eckert. I'll have to watch him.

4:03:22 - He's here! Run away!

4:04 - He's moving on to Palma. At least he's not going through my HW.

4:12 - CPA Declared. I was wondering about that. ZPG at 86%.

4:15 - ZPG Done. Bye bye matter converters. 7 minutes to the CPA.

4:22:03 - CPA 1 second. Everything repaired, and 2 million metal stocked. Ready to go.

4:22:04 - 56 strength? Only ~600 ships? That's even weaker than the first one. Only 80 total threat.

4:25 - Coordinator CS down. Let's see what the scout data gives me.

Carabalilo: Hive golem, Coprocessor#1
Dilawa: DC

Ok, I think I need to focus on these melee ships some more. With the tractors to help round up the AI and 3(!) ARSs visible with saws in addition to the ones I have...this could be a force to reckon with.
The golem is tempting, but it's going to be a while before I can make it down there.

4:25: MilI up on Amaut. 2 hours past when I first thought to grab it. Looks like the threat is starting to arrive. I'll secure this and reroute fleets around.

Threat down to reduced strength. Now I need to do some thinking. I need 72 hacking points for the GCA with the MDC. I only have 35 right now, which means another 2 planets. But if I pull the Alarm post, that's going to suck hacking points. I really don't want to threaten a M.VI and M.IV planet. Ugh, I hope I don't regret alerting that M.VI so early. I'll need to move quick. I'm counting on that MDC to drop my AIP back down before the next CPA.
I think here's the plan: I'll head south and grab the 2nd ZPG, along with the GCA next door and the citadel to the south of it. That's 3 planets and 90 hacking points. I'll drop the DC and that will keep my AIP down. I hopefully can play with the AIP a bit before the CPA to keep the AI at Mark I.

4:35: I think I'll take the 5AIP from this engine. I got to save my HaP.

4:40: Cookie monster on Gehenna, heading towards Murdoch. No!! My trapped zombie horde! I was planning on something amusing there by killing the BHM once they piled up some more.

4:42: CS down in Thone. I'll clean it up slowly...Dire Shredder on station.

Hmm...what's this? Scout report is interesting:

Another DC, 2nd coprocessor...and a M.VII. I think we may have the homeworld area. Troria may be a core, which puts the HW at Golumb. Hopefully the next scout or so will confirm.

4:46: Threat back at Hivehom. Defenses should handle it.

4:48: Ok, this is getting ridiculous and I'm fighting a reprisal timer. I think some more science spending is in order.

1250 Science remaining.

4:53: Shredder down. Time to finish off these guardposts.

5:00: Guardposts cleared, now it's clearing the rest of the planet. Got a bunch of tesla turrets around which do a number on my ships..and since they are fortified, I got to get up close and personal.

I'm running behind a little bit. Here's the goal for the next hour or so:

-Finish clearing Thone and drop a MilI
-Go hit the DC(s)
-Come back and grab Wallach. Citidel will be a good addition since I'm scattered around
-Time allows before the CPA: Grab the ZPG
-Time allows: Neuter as needed.

Current AIP: 46

State of the Union:


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