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9/9/9 Happy fun time[WON]

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Here's hoping for a rapid-fire hour. *crosses fingers*

5:02 - MilI up. I'm debating on upgrading these...since I have so many and these are scattered all over. I'm back to 4 matter converters

5:03 - 6 converters. Guess it's my fault for building so many beam cannons.

5:10 - Only 14 Great Tesla turrets to go...and all clumped up in an area the size of a quarter.

5:23 - Ugh. Ok, that was awful. Every volley of those turrets one-shot just about everything. Dancing in-and-out only helped slightly. Too many for the saboteur drones to help much either.

5:29 - Yeah...time for an upgrade

1250 Science

5:31 - !@#$. Now I got cookie monster on Thone. As if things were not annoying enough.

5:39 - 1 DC down...2 fleets wiped due to the OMD. And the Dire Widow decided to show me what tractor medicine will do.

5:42 - ~70 threat decided Hivehom looks tempting.

5:46 - Waves and threat cleared out. I'm seriously tempted to switch out Hivehom's CS for an EcoI. I'm dragging with all these matter converters.

5:47 - Yeah, and I'll just have to watch it carefully. I don't want a brownout. Swapping Gehenna for a LogiI as well.

5:52 - Wallach CS down. Scout intel gives me...

CoProccessor #3 and the Turret coordinator. I don't think I'm going to try for that coordinator. It's 5 hops from anything, and the wrong direction.
Because I also see a SPIRE ARCHIVE on Knuth. I was right. AI HW is in that corner. Given what I know, they are on Kamp but I'll need to scout it still. At least I'm going the right way.

5:54 - Another DS strike.

5:57 - And now an Instigator, on Cresida...the wrong direction from anywhere and 4 hops away. It's for the warden fleet. I'll have to hit it soon, but I can eat a trigger or two.

Ok..this planet next door to Wallach is amusing. The name is Shortliffe. It has an OMD, IonIV, Plasma Eye, AND a magnifier. Short life indeed.

6:00 - Fleets dispatched to deal with the instigator...I'm not expecting anything to make it back.

Well, got part of my goals accomplished. I'll need to get this instigator and finish securing Wallach for the CPA. I'll try to get some neutering done to get the ZPG, but I think I'll have to hold short of taking it until afterwards. I've isolated the AIHW down to Kamp, so I'm making my way there. The archive planet also has another frigate fleet, so I'll be sure to get that. Probably won't be until hour 8 or so. I fear this instigator is going to cost me dearly. Haven't seen the Dyson sphere yet...shame. I was hoping for annoyances on the AI's backside.

Current AIP: 51

State of the union:

Bonus pictures.

Awful Instigator position. The RNG got me badly here:

And prepare to have a...short life:

6 hours in. I have the homeworld located, another CPA coming, and I'm dragging a bit on fleet strength. I'm still trying to stockpile hacking points for now, but a spending spree is coming. I'm figuring another 4-5 planets will be taken here before all is said and done so I need to plan out that science. Maybe 1 or two more depending on what's out there, or some hacking for bonus science.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Instigator...

6:02 - One tick, 30% health left on the Instigator...come on! 51 ships left...reinforcements enroute.

6:02:21 - Wait...Zenith trader destroyed? I've never seen that before. Guessing cookie monster? Missed the screen shot when it happened, but in the event log:

6:02:24 - Instigator down...every transport is dead, so nothing will make it back. Might as well do some cleanup out here.

6:04 - Dark spire incoming...go play with the AI please.

6:04:08 - Guess not. Incoming to Hivehom.

6:04:40 - And a wave to Gehenna...umm two waves. I need to get some forces over there.

6:06:50 - Engineer micro is keeping the force fields on Gehenna online barely...hold on guys! Help's on the way!

6:09:30 - Alright. Things have calmed back down. Now, I need to rebuild and get ready for the CPA. Refleeting and repairs have drained my metal reserves. I'm on the AIP floor at 51 right now, so I don't need to sacrifice another fleet at the moment to get that other data center. I think it's just going to be threat cleaning and wait for now.

6:11:15 - What's this? I have some ships still alive on Cresida? I got no chance to get you home so continue to be annoying for now.

6:11:35 - Welcome to my my lair a.k.a. Wallach Mr. Threat ball. Try the soup.

6:12 - What? Soup no good for you? Shame.

6:12:06 - Oh...I see. You want to invite all your CPA buddies. Sure, I'll have a place setting laid out for them in 10 minutes.

6:17 - So, the remaining sniper frigate on Cresida has managed to take out 5 guard posts all by his lonesome. Well done. Now I kinda want to rescue him for all his hard work.

6:19 - 6 guard posts.

6:22:05 - CPA fires. 89 strength, 850 ships. Lots of higher mark ships in the bunch.

6:23 - Threat fleet now at 127 strength. Sounds like fun.

6:24:21 - Large group of the threat spotted moving through Cresida...where the single frigate still is. Looks like they are heading toward Shortliffe to attack Wallach. A wave hits there in 20 seconds as well. I'll hold back for's built as a crumple world. I want to draw as much of that threat in as I can.

6:27:08 - Cookie monster on Thone, heading toward Wallach.

6:30:41 - 161 Threat, but only 11 visible. Where are they?

6:37 - Wallach goes down to combined wave and threat.

6:39 - Wallach back up. This threat is playing a good game of keep away. Forget it. I'll watch it and react as I need while I clean up Mores. It's back down to 102 strength, but scattered everywhere.

6:48 - I'm going to lose Gehenna. 21 strength on planet, and a 46 wave coming in two minutes. My main forces are fighting a reprisal right now on Mores so I can't retreat back that way. Other threat is starting to show it's face as well. Time for fun!

6:49 - Mores CP down. 66 AIP.

Yep. AIHW on Kamp...only 621 strength. Another ZPG spotted off to the southwest, and the 4th coprocessor. Oh, and Mr. Dyson sphere as well. Also a curious planet waaaaaaaay off to the north west. The strikecraft coordinator, with a Hive golem on Kalixa. That's very tempting.

6:49:46 - Gehenna outnumbered 2-1. Bracing for loss of the station.

6:50:12 - Mores cleared. Reprisal gone. Fleets...GOGOGOGO!

6:50:57 - Gehenna down.

6:51:31 - Pit stop in Tertius to clean up some threat. 145 strength total threat.

6:51:41 - Whole bunch of it ran into Murdoch to clean up my zombie horde. I think that may have been holding a lot back. AI dumped about 50 strength there.

6:54:29 - Gehenna back up.

6:59:07 - Mores is mine, along with the ZPG.

7:00 - Building up Mores. Still have 95 threat floating around.

Well, this CPA has proven to be very annoying. I still have a lot of threat out there. If it's able to fully group up, it could be a hammer that can knock out any one planet. I'll have to be very watchful to make sure I don't get blindsided and lose something important. I've got one data center to take out still, and I'm going to have to think about the coprocessors. Taking them will give me some more floor buffer, but will upgrade the AI to Mark II ships. I'll have to do some upgrades myself if I want to go that route. I have a couple distribution nodes I can pop for some bonus science/HaP which I probably will do.

We are nearing the endgame here. I have at least 1 more CPA before I can discuss HW assaults, but things look good.

Goals for the next hour:

-Finish cleaning this threat.
-Fully secure Mores and the ZPG
-Drop the remaining data center.
-Upgrades and ARS hacking.

Time permitting:

-Clean toward the AIHW and the MDC that way
-Dyson Sphere
-Maybe that hive and coordinator...I'll have to think on that one.

State of the union:

Alright, it's time for securing and upgrading. I still have a bunch of threat running around and I just grabbed that ZPG. I'm going focus on getting things squared away...and I'm thinking a couple bonus planets are in order.

1. I'm going to grab that MDC up to the north, that will give me some buffer. I'll also quickly take out the other DC I see.
2. Hack the GCA with it. It has both mines and area mines, with a garnish of tesla turrets. That will help secure planets a bit better while fleets are running around.
3. Depending on scouting there are a couple options available, so I'll wait for that reveal before I decide there. Could be hives, pushing to the AIHW, Co-pros, Dyson, something else?

7:03 - Hacking for more saws.

7:03:51 - Mine

Melee III(IV)

2500 Science left.

7:05 - Last visible DC down. Back to the floor at 58.

7:06 - Big threat group forming up in Tertius. Right next to my HW. The AI is going for the throat. Not on my watch.

7:07:44 - Instigator on Cresida again? Didn't we dance this dance already? It's a wave instigator this time.

7:11:51 - Trader killed again? Yep, it's cookie monster.

7:11:54 - Instigator down. Two triggers.

You know, I'm going to have to kill Shortliffe if I want that other ZPG...I really didn't want to do that. My alternative is a 4 hop detour. I don't want that long of a run to get to it or protect it...ugh, that's going to be an awful grind. I'll put it off for now.

7:19:35 - Another set of saws. You know, if I can get Mark V versions of melee that Ion IV on Shortliffe won't bother them.

7:27 - Ok, force fields STOP MOVING! I know the cookie monster moved you, but you should go back to where you were after he leaves. Why are you not? I literally have to rebuild them to get them to stay put where I had them, but I can't because of the wave on-site. I'm sitting here clicking the forcefields to stop them from moving and uncovering the ZPG.

7:29 - Alright,'s time. Here's how this goes:

Single fleet jumps in to hack the alarm post.
Rest of the fleet comes in and comes at that dire beam from every direction.
Free for all

7:32 - Go.

7:33:32 - Alarm down, bring the pain.

7:34:52 - Beam down...but we have to stop for the moment...two waves incoming and one's a little large for the frigate coordinator defense. Retreat for now.

7:39 - Alright, back to the MDC.

7:48 - CS down and cleared. Let's check scout data real quick:, was not expecting this...Thanatos and Matter converter ON THE SAME PLANET! Oh, and also right next to the STRIKECRAFT COORDINATOR AND HIVE! I smiled...and then frowned, because of the awful planets I'd have to go through to get them. About 600 strength across 3 planets...THEN 100+ on each of the treasure worlds.

Alright. This MDC is going to give me a massive buffer. However, with a floor of 66 I can't get too much before Mark II AI ship waves. I'm a little nervous of the Exos, but I'll deal.

7:51 - Hacking GCA

7:55 - Hack complete, and also some changes

Minefields I/II
1650 Science left

Now my defenses are much better against waves and burst threat.

7:59 - Ok riddle me this: Batara. Zero guard posts, no warden base, only a plasma eye and the CS/Warp Gate. Somehow has almost 4000 ships of the warden fleet there. Total strength on planet of ~230. How does that work? I keep watching more and more warden ships spawn. It's a blob of doom...but it's not in the threat fleet? Just sitting there. Dare I awaken it?
Edit: Made a test save and hacked vision on all the warden bases. All of them are empty. No ships in them at all. I don't recall ever seeing the usual warden fleet alerts..."Warden fleet moving to...". Maybe I did earlier in the game, but I can't remember. I know I haven't seen it in a while if I did at all. Glitched or did the warden behavior change?

8:00 - Cleanup time.

8 hour mark, and I got some choices to make. The scout report gave me some interesting points to think about and I still have not seen the super terminal. I'm thinking I'll just forget messing with that this game. My hacking response is getting up there and I've been able to keep AIP under control. I'm a little concerned about the amount of threat I still have running around with a CPA coming soon. I'm on a cleaning mission right now to try and spot it and do some neutering around my current planets.

I see a few options after this CPA:

-Push to the other ZPG and grab it
-Push toward the other MDC to act as a bridge world to the spire archive planet and the AIHW
-Backtrack to the corner and grab all the goodies up there.
-Spend one whole break neutering and cleaning planets

I have enough buffer on the AIP to keep things down, but I will hit Mark II waves before things are done. I'm not sure yet if I'll keep it below the threat waves(120 AIP), though I'm going to try. I count at least 5 planets to take if I do all of the above. Probably would be 6 if I liberate the Dyson.

Current AIP: 65

State of the union:

Live shot of Batara:

If you have a save game with all those stuck warden ships I'd like to see it.

Sure. It is the save taken at the 8 hour mark. Do you also need the .savemet?

I also attached the 7 hour save. Took a peek and didn't see the death blob in somewhere in that hour I guess?


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