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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #15 on: March 15, 2020, 08:57:22 pm »
Livestream starting in a few minutes. Come watch the fun!...and possible failures...well, that's still fun.

After all, Losing is Fun!
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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #16 on: March 15, 2020, 09:37:34 pm »
Good player, great way to learn how to be a better player.
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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #17 on: March 15, 2020, 11:19:08 pm »
I'll type up a longer post tomorrow but for the short/sweet version...

Got the Scourge bottled up in that north corner...and also learned I can single volley the first round of super weapons off the field...FYI, a single volley is ~4.5 million single target damage right now. Got one visible Mark V Spawner left, and took out another one and a Mark V Armory as well. Just shy of the 6 hour mark so I want to get that last one before the CPA and keep that area patrolled until the CPA is cleaned. Oh, and trader dropped off another ZPG for me...~20% done with that.


5:08:11 - Start point. Still controlling Scourge. I've cleared down to the MDC to capture it once I knock the Scourge back further. I don't want it as a target for them right now.

5:09:14 - Golem hacking that Concussion tech...finally. He should be able to solo it. Remaining fleets covering the choke.

5:09:42 - Oh, hello there Subjugator! Didn't expect you...or know what the heck you are. Must be those Scourge supers. Ugh on that vampirism.

5:10:03 -'s gone. I'll have to watch for those now.

5:11:39 - Hack done. Mark V Concussion. Starting to neuter Zoranel.

Hendler is troublesome right now...I'll stay focused on Zoranel right now. Once the golem finishes clearing zombie spawns, I'll rotate him to the front.

5:17 - Cleaning continues, both from zombies and threat that was released from all the post. 152/0

5:17:08 - Golem to the front!

5:19 - Little bit of turret reorganization. Bringing some heavy hitters up to the front choke. Another Subjugator as well.

5:19:32 - Heh, and single volley solved that problem.

5:20:56 - CS down on Duellos. 111AIP. Now let's check scout data.

Two Spawners, an Armory, and another DC. I'll work with that.

5:23 - Zoranel cleared. Now pushing on Ixion for that DC and Spawner.

5:32 - DC down. Back to 91 AIP. Floor at 85.

5:33 - And now the spawner.

5:35 - Armory down. Cleaning continues 176/0

Just noticed that Trill has a couple fortresses as well. Nothing a volley or two won't take care of.

5:39 - Trader on Tabar. ZPG dropping down.

5:42 - Trill cleared.

5:44:48 - Instigator on Tichy. I'll send my rear area fleet after it.

5:46:37 - And Ixion cleared. Only a bit to go here. 127/0

5:47 - Instigator down as well, pulling back the fleet there to go cover Tabar...wave incoming soon.

5:47:52 - And a second wave pops in for Tabar. 132 strength total. At least it's staggering in over a couple minutes...nothing can get back there quick enough so the rear fleet has it's work cut out for it.

5:52 - All good, let's keep cleaning. Working on Hendler right now just to get some extra threat whittled down. I'm thinking I'll grab this hive as well...maybe...

5:56:58 - Quitting time. Still cleaning.

Decent progress, but the Scourge are really slowing me down. I've kept them contained, but a CPA is coming soon and I'll need to be ready for that 1-2 punch again. One more Spawner to clear before then and I think I'll be ready. Probably a 200-250 strength CPA.

Current AIP: 91
Score: 156/0

Oh, and I will be streaming tonight, but it will probably start about a half hour later than usual. ~7:30 CST or so.
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Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #18 on: March 16, 2020, 08:54:59 pm »
My meeting ran a little long, so a late start and will only be streaming for an hour...BUT...I will be streaming in a bit.

Edit: Ah, that was a fun CPA. ~250 strength but it was handled. Sadly however it allowed the Scourge to get some more Spawners/Armories in the southern branch. I had to pull the golem back to help out the rear so I only had one fleet covering the whole eastern area. I think I got them mostly cleaned, now it's getting that matter converter and starting the Hive. I'll also get the MDC once I'm sure I got the Scourge blocked.

Longer write up tomorrow.
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Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #19 on: March 20, 2020, 05:37:06 pm »
Little delayed I know, but figured I should post something before I stream tonight.

Clean time before this CPA. There is a spawner down south I need to get.

5:57 - Golem is on "baiting" duty. Other main fleet is also doing cleanup.

5:58 - Oh yeah, Subjugator running around. I'll have to watch him. 140/0

6:00 - There he is, running around the loop. Another Scourge fortress down...oh and CPA declared. Timer started. 117/0

6:01 - Shows up on Spica. Nomnomnom.

6:01:43 - Dead on Bowen. Back to the cleaning....125/39

6:05 - Another spawner down...I really need to bottleneck these Scourge...109/31

6:07 - Hendler CS down. 111 AIP.

Scout the choke scouted out...and not surprised. 2 Mark VII Spawners, a Mark VII Armory, ZPG, Bio Tech lab, and a raid engine for some garnish. Oh yes, a spawner down south as well...and the matter converter. Yeah, I need this Scourge blocked off.

So, let's count the goodies...An MDC, ZPG, Hive, and matter converter now. And I can't grab ANY because of this Scourge running around.

Maybe I can get that south spawner before things go crazy?

6:10:04 - And nope, CPA Fires. 261 strength. 396/0. Little more than I expected, but workable.

Sadly, leaving the spawner for now. I need to control that threat and will need all my fleets for it. At this point I have 3 main "Fleets":

-The Golem, all by him/her/itself
-Boom Boom

I do have one more fleet organized, but it's really only chaff ships sitting on Bowen to help out there.

6:11:55 - Threat piling on Kane back by my homeworld. Got my backside fleet there now. 372/0

6:12:52 - 70 threat on Kane now. Subjugator down.

6:13:22 - Now over 100...going to need some help back there. Golem moving to the rear. Boom Boom will need to cover the front all alone.

6:13:39 - 140 threat...that's getting dicey. I gotta keep it here though. I don't want it getting ideas to go after my ZPGs.

6:14:10 - Rear gaurd fighting a delaying action on the Provoka wormhole to keep that threat in place. 150+

6:15:07 - Perfect, they decided to all attack Provoka...well, some of them.

6:15:27 - Ah, and now a wave to add to the fun at Provoka. Golem is on site though keeping an eye on threat still running around. 303/396(Cookie monster + ~50)

6:17 - Ack, golem runs into ~80 threat and beats a retreat missing shields and about 75% of it's health. 100 threat on Kane again..,.

6:18 - and now the wave attacks. Golem all the way back to the homeworld to pull that threat in. 310/104.

6:20 - Defenses holding for now. Boom boom has about 100 or so threat near him he's dealing with. 249/67.

6:21 - Golem back to 30%. Pravoka under control. Golem out on a cleaning mission.

6:22 - Pravoka clear. 203/7.

6:23 - 181/~0

6:24 - Golem back to the front. 177/~0. Boom Boom still cleaning.

6:26 - Yep, builders made it down. Couple Scourge buildings on Duellos dropped.

6:27 - Looks like Scourge/Threat wanted to give Savik a try as well. It was lonely there.

6:30 - And finally the Scourge are cleared from Mnemon...and a threat group decides to try their luck on Bowen, since Savik didn't work.

6:30:52 - Bowen covered and time to move on.

Shorter round, but I have so many goodies I want here...I got to block that Scourge off though. Guess that's the next goal...which includes not losing the current choke...I need to get these goodies for the next CPA, and that MDC is going to be needed quickly to get the AIP back down. Floor is a 94 right now and will go up once I take a choke planet, but it's all good.

Current AIP: 111
Scores: 132/~0
Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #20 on: March 20, 2020, 08:24:32 pm »
I guess my internet just didn't like me streaming this evening. I've had to drop the stream...even restarting things and trying again didn't help.

So...tonight's round is an off-stream adventure. I'll post some notes later.

Sorry folks.
Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #21 on: March 20, 2020, 11:40:54 pm »
Alright, this has been a frustrating past few hours. Been playing off-stream for a while and it's been a lot of back and forth...over the same 45-60 minutes of game time.

I've had a few different approaches I've tried here:

-Focus on getting the hive

Nope...I get it between 60-70% and I get a Scourge + Threat ball that punches through and that's it.

-Get the MDC, THEN the hive

Similar...and the MDC goes down somewhere in there

-Try the converter instead...or MDC+Converter...or MDC/Converter/Hive combo in some way.

Same thing....there's a pattern here...never have a problem with JUST the AI threat, but the Scourge with it breaks it.

So, this means I HAVE to block this Scourge off before getting anything.

Alright, I get the choke on Vega. It costs me Bowen because I can't cover all the approaches and force the assault. No biggie, I can take it back easily once things are blocked off.

Well...the AI isn't amused. I  have enough time to fortify, but it doesn't matter. ~150 strength of Mark VII Scourge attack the choke...and this draws in 100+ threat fleet right behind it. Pops the choke like its not even there. Then, they hit the next choke on Savik with similar results. With bad RNG, there's also a wave in here somewhere which pins down my rear area reinforcements.

So, Savik falls...and I reset and try again because Erkhi has no chance of holding and it's a losing battle at this point because the Scourge broke through to all those planets I had blocked it off from and I'm now 4 hours farther in + 50/60 AIP higher

I'm calling it for the night, but things are looking grim...
Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #22 on: March 21, 2020, 04:25:11 am »
I had the same problem in my scourge twisted enemy quickstart. I managed to bottleneck the scourge, but then it accumulate over a planet and become impossible to get rid off. Destroying scourge factories doesn't hurt it, its original factories on the AI Homeworld and nearby get up to Mark VII and from 4h30+ gametime it's just a stream of scourge taking everything you throw at it and blowing it up.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #23 on: March 21, 2020, 09:31:21 pm »
My internet is still being screwy, so no streaming tonight, so instead I'll give you some highlights:

Persistence was the name of the game. It took a few tries and a lot of micro, but I managed to finally hold the choke. It took a two planet depth to do it, but it was done.

After taking Vega, I suffered +20 AIP and grabbed Istvan as well for the additional ZPG..hoping the Scourge would be quiet for a bit. I lost BOTH of my unfinished trader ones due to encroaching AI waves so metal was at a premium. Now, the initial rush did drop Vega, but relocating and rebuilding the defenses on Istvan managed to hold the line. I left Vega for a bit and kept the golem up there for harassment of the threat while I went for the Hive. I was racing to get it before the CPA. I needed another good size fleet to cover both flanks.

Oh, and you can see it there...but I also hacked the Bio Tech lab for my own Scourge. They have proven helpful as chaff and support while I'm moving the rear guard around, though I wish they wouldn't take out so many warp gates. I'm hoping that's a decision I don't regret later.

The hive finished about 2 minutes before the 8 hour CPA launched...430 strength was not fun, but I managed to hold everything and not lose any irreplaceable structures.

Now, the next chunk of time was an act of supreme fleet juggling. Short form is this: Finally got Scourge cleared out of the south corner, which allowed me to grab the MDC and reclaim Bowen. I also pushed back into Vega and relocated a portion of my defense up there.

My last milestone as you can probably see was that I've finished neutering Altair and I'm working on the near Scourge structures. And I also finally have eyes on the AI homeworld.

However, I'm worried the next CPA may be a kill shot. I'm expecting 500+ strength. I'm trying to neuter the Scourge as much as I can before then, after that...all I can do is brace for impact.

If I can survive the CPA, I hope I'll have enough of a window to punch in and finish this.
Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #24 on: March 22, 2020, 01:34:14 am »

More details tomorrow
Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time!
« Reply #25 on: March 22, 2020, 07:49:51 pm »
Yes, I know...kind of a rapid finish to this thing. Having a free day and not much else to do, I used the time to pound the Scourge and AI into submission.

Those earlier photos were taken around 9:40 in-game time. I got half an hour until the next CPA hits. Time to clear things.

By the time the CPA fires, I've taken out another Mark VII Armory and Spawner. My friendly Scourge have been doing a warp gate killing thing bringing me another 10 AIP.

Hive and Boom Boom are on the eastern flank, other golem and remaining fleets covering the rear. I keep one reserve force to stay on the MDC and watch around it. CPA launches, I take a deep breath...

Not 550.

Not 500.

Only 470.

Thanks goodness for that. Biggest single attack was about 150 strength coming in at Ekrhi. Kind of awkward covering that because of the wormhole and structure layout there, but it's held.

Back to the cleaning. I shift some more forces to the front to keep things covered as I push deeper and deeper in.

I take out every visible Spawner(1 more, except the one on the homeworld) and Armory(2 more) that I can see, plus grab the one remaining DC I have eyes on. The Scourge from this point on are no threat and nothing more than an annoyance. They try an attack or two but Vega holds them off since I focus my forces on Aka and Pommel and leave the route open to the choke for them.

It's 11:43 game time and everything is cleared and ready for the homeworld attack. For the curious, here's a screenshot of the homeworld right before the assault:

2 Parasite, 1 Heavy Beam/Shredder/Tethuida, rest are chaff. The Sabot by the Aka wormhole will be annoying against the golems though.

So, a decision to make...push or wait for the CPA. If I wait, I'll have to keep watching those Scourge and keep who knows what the CPA is going to be.

Screw it, I'm going for it. Switching out every station except Ekrhi for a MilII and building extra turrets...18 matter converters, only 2k/sec metal coming in. Attack launched at 11:43:16 game time.

Assault fleet:

Armored/Hive Golems
Boom Boom
Both Battlestations
Mobile factory for repairs and rebuilding losses from Boom Boom.

Total strength: 268

I start with the Hive coming in through Pommel to knock out the Scourge spawner. They choose to instead knock out the Concussion post and tractors first, but eventually it goes down. Jumping the two golems in and out to reset targeting helps with all the drones flying around. The 1st parasite post also bites the dust.

After that, I shift the golems to the Aka entrance and Boom Boom moves to Pommel. The hive is useless at Pommel now because the Gravity post gets priority and wipes the Yellow this is a job for siege units.

Golems distract while Boom Boom jumps in. Unload ships, target post, fire, reload, move to next. Rinse/repeat with the golem jumping and Boom Boom jumping out as well sometimes. This knocks out the rest of the small problem. The CPA.

I'm not going to finish this before the CPA be it. Adding a few extra matter converters to cover a station loss and pressing on.

CPA fires...HAHA! Only 320 strength. I don't care in the slightest.

When the last post goes down, I move the golems to the north side of the gravity well and also jump in my battlestations and mobile factory to get some speed repairs and let the decoy drones run around for Phase 2 chaff. Oh, and now a Wormhole attack coming in at Bowen. At least it's there and not somewhere more critical.

CS Down. Phase 2.

By keeping the Hive in back and the Armored in front to eat the spawning ships, I kite Phase 2 around the gravity well for the next 10 minutes with Boom Boom firing into the soft underbelly.

Victory is mine at 12:20:50.

Ending Techs:

Disruptive II
Fusion II
Generalist II
Concussion V
Engineering III
Metal III
Mil II
Forcefields II
Citadels II
Minefields II
Sentries II

I'll have some more things later, but for now I hope you enjoyed the ride.
Welcome to reality...where it is never an ideal case.

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Re: 9/9/9 Hammer Time![WON]
« Reply #26 on: March 23, 2020, 04:17:39 am »
I am impressed with how you managed to kill the AI Homeworld with that little force and tech. Plus with the scourge. Well done.


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