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10/10/10 Win AAR

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--- Quote from: BadgerBadger on November 27, 2019, 01:58:27 pm ---I've also bumped some numbers up for the ai defensive strength at higher intensities.

--- End quote ---

I'll be sure to test it when 1.011 is out.

Just to lob some more anecdotal evidence into the pot, in my recent 7/7/7 win the AI HW had a strength of 470 (8 hours total game time; AIP never allowed above 100; Threat never allowed above 100 until the final HW attacks). This was without allowing Instigators throughout and not allowing the AI HW or satellite worlds to become alerted right up until I launched the final attacks.

470 was well beyond my combined fleet power and it took two deliberate provocations of AI counter-attacks and three assault waves (plus several stealth raids) by me to bring that place down. (I probably only needed to do one counter-attack provocation because I was unlucky during the reinforcement phase on my first poke and it gave the AI time to recover entirely.) Phase 2 was one system away from being a loss too.

The reason I mention the above is because this seems to be another example of how wildly random the game is thus talk of widening the gamut of possible outcomes concerns me a bit.

Well, my change only would make the AI harder on 8-10.

And puffin's change should decrease the range of possible AI homeworld defenses; previously it have between 3 and 8 dire guard posts, now it can have only 5-8. So you won't see any weaker homeworlds anymore.

I think I need to give the AI a mechanic to counteract the significant AIP reduction from holding major data centers; that much AIP reduction is too powerful without a downside.

Edit: I've added a mechanic where owning a Major Data Center will cause the AI to build up Exos against you on AI difficulty >= 7, lets see if that increases the challenge level.


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