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Where to make suggestions. Also: Want to see something added/changed? VOTE!

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Our Mantis Idea Tracker is where we keep track of all the bugs and feature suggestions and requests for tweaks, if you didn't know.

Even if you did know, you might not be aware of the new voting system that is included there.  Voice your support for (or opposition to) ideas of any sort.  The results show up here, and we'll pay particular attention to stuff at the top and bottom (the bottom for culling, the top for possible quicker implementation or comment):

To vote, you need an account in Mantis (it's a different login from the forums), and then just click to the issue(s) of your choice.  There's a Issue Community Support section near the bottom, where you can log your feelings.  The various folks who support or oppose an issue are shown there, and it adjust the position accordingly on the overall Vote Tallies screen.  You have unlimited votes.

If this is popular, I think this could be a graceful way to replace the forum-run weekly DLC poll, although some organization of that sort via the forums could also be a good idea.  Or we could just do both, whatever folks want.  At any rate, Mantis voting is here and we're waiting to hear what you guys want.  Rather than bumping old issues that we might not have seen yet, voting for them in this fashion (and getting others to vote as well, possibly) is the best way to get them noticed more.  There's just too much stuff in there already for us to be able to know what people most want if they don't tell us.  So hop to it! ;)

Yea, once we're through with the game-damaging bugs I'm planning to jump on the results from the DLC poll that have been piling up for months, but it may be that for the future the mantis voting will be better.  It's a much less time-intensive way for me to answer the question "what do the players want most?"

And it's something where votes never expire, and players aren't time-limited on what they can express their affection for.  If you like it this month and not many other people do, and then next month a bunch of other people do, your vote still helps that rise to our attention.  So there's the benefit of a certain amount of permanence there.

Still plenty of bugs in the meantime, but even for those it can be helpful as a way for people to tell us what bugs are most important for them to be fixed.  There are enough of them at the moment that that actually has some meaning.

This is precisely why I love you so much guys! You actually CARE what the community thinks and wants.
Long live Arcen Games! ;)

I support this. As long as it keeps the idea of community-driven DLC alive, I'm all for it.  :)


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