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You aren't the only huge NPC enthusiast to come through.  I'm one of them, actually.  And I am working on some ideas to allow better ally-ai stuff (not actually the AI itself acting in an ally role, most likely, but allies that are controlled by the computer rather than by a human player).  But those are really, really, really hard to implement and get right, which is why there isn't more of that in the game.

For now I'd say the Roaming Enclaves faction (specifically the ally units spawned by it over time) are the best in-game example of a computer-controlled ally.  I've seen them hold up forgotten flanks during big AI cross planet attacks and then run desperate goalie-defenses of human homeworlds, etc.

Could you please make a steam sale for AI and all expansions?

I bought FTL and it's fantastic, now me and my friends are all waiting for AI since it sounds like the best game ever among some of the best games ever

thank you.

PS I missed by 1 hour the humble bundle or some other with AI wars sale, I could kill myself...

We don't do sales on requests, but if you add it to your wishlist it will email you the next time it does go on discount!


--- Quote from: athelasloraiel on May 13, 2014, 12:11:03 PM ---I bought FTL and it's fantastic

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I think you mean TLF, FTL is another (pretty good) game. ^..~

Also, the complete pack for AI War is only $16.  That's actually a REALLY good deal, as the base game is 10 and the four bigger expansions are $5 each (two of which I highly recommend: Zenith and Vengence).


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As the story says. Humans waged war with each other and "During the war, both sides used sophisticated AIs to run battles." so that's why there's 2 AIs.. and since they "learned to cooperate. Against us." and pushed humans close to extinction.. they're both hostile.

About modding: "Does AI War support gameplay mods, or player-made maps?",10.0.html

There are some mods. Most of them are altplanetname.txt mods which add custom planet names.,72.0.html

--- Quote from: saryehudah on June 17, 2013, 05:08:10 PM ---I'd like to find a simple way to ease myself into the game without feeling too overwhelmed and preferably without having to spend large amounts of time reading manuals or player guides.

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Hm well AI War has a lot of content and stuff to learn and understand so getting into AI War can take a while. But if you like AI War you will learn. You must also want to learn (Of course this applies to everything not just AI War or games in general). This may include reading the Wiki or player guides. Although the Wiki is somewhat out dated and I'm not sure but seems like I'm the only one who has wrote any guides. You can check out my guide for beginner friendly game settings and how to defend yourself against the waves the AIs send.

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Eight players simultaneously. 2 AI. Humanity splitted in more parts after the war, right?
Also, what about singleplayer?


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