Author Topic: How many 'victory conditions' could you theoretically achieve in one game?  (Read 3195 times)

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I.E: How many of the following list of things could I theoretically (ignoring the fact that I'd be annihilated from having to do all of them at once) do in the same game:

- Finish the FS campaign.

- Crash a nomad into an AI HW.

- The Showdown.

- Fly the Exodian Blade into the exogalactic wormhole.

If it's 'all of them' (without actually winning the game prior to finishing), then I want this to be an achievement in AIW2.

Sorry I have to ask this, it's just I've never actually succeeded any of them, so I don't know which of them actually win you the game instantly and which don't.

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Realistically you could probably pull off two:
Fallen Spire + Nomad.

Getting the timing right on a third one would be hell

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Re: How many 'victory conditions' could you theoretically achieve in one game?
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2016, 04:18:50 AM »
Fallen Spire, Nomad, and Showdown only win the game when the AI Home Command Stations are destroyed; these are just alternate methods to get that done.
That said, you can still move around and do stuff after the "YOU WIN" banner pops up, so you might be able to trigger the special effects of more of these.  For example, the Exogalactic Wormholes on the AI's homeworld remain even after the AI is defeated, so you could still use the Blade there.


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