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Random thoughts.
« on: August 25, 2009, 12:25:23 AM »
1) In the lobby screen, the button that makes a new map (New Seed) and the button that generates the map based on what seed you typed in (Generate Map) need to be switched. The Generate Map button is so big and noticeable, I was clicking on it a few times wondering why new maps wern't popping up before I realised my mistake. These buttons should be switched or changed in some way as not to confuse new players.
2) The Metal and Crystal manufacturies still show the old display of how much metal/crystal they take/make. They should say "per second" or something along those lines to indicate what exactly they do.
3) The in game chat window should remain on screen (Currently if you go to the galaxy screen, it disappears and you cant see new messages). There should also be user configurable options to set how long chat messages stay on screen (I personally find that they clear too fast) and also a user configurable option to adjust the chat buffer (I've missed messages a few times because people in game type too fast and before I check the log, they've already cleared).
4) I think it would be neat if, when you run out of power and your planetary defences stop functioning, the turrets would stop spinning. Not necessary, I just think it would look neat  ;D