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Projected Shadow Decoy


I just got a champion unlock of "Projected Shadow Decoy". What is that? It sounds like another activated ability, but there's nothing but the shield on the Ability menu, and ctrl-W doesn't do anything. And there's nothing new on the Champion Unlocks screen either.

Google finds two results, one a fixed bug about the icon for it, and the other a suggestion thread from 2012.

I don't remember this ability myself, but from what I recall, some are limited to specific Champion Forms. Might be on the wrong one.

Can confirm that different champion forms have different abilities, for example both the human form and the spire form have a shield as the first ability but the second human ability is an attack boost and the second spire ability is a tachyon pulse.

Thanks, that cleared it up. The other form I have unlocked is Neinzul, and switching to that as a test did show Shadow Decoy as a second ability on the Ability menu. Too bad I have no use for that champion form in this game. And as expected AI War does not allow savescumming...  :P


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