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The latest prerelease of AI War is now out:

That version is an upgrade from version 1.009, so you have to already have 1.009 (or greater) installed. Just unzip it into your game folder (usually C:\Program Files\Arcen Games\AI War\ unless you specified something else). Please make sure that your unzip process keeps the folder structure from the zip file, rather than just unpacking all of the files into the base target directory.

What's new since 1.010C:
(Cumulative release notes since 1.009 are attached at the bottom)


-Electric shots are now grouped into two categories -- major and minor.  All of the current electric shots are minor except for the big lightning explosions (missiles, electric shuttles, and lightning turrets), which are major.

-The following ships are now immune to minor electric shots:  warp gates, ion cannons, data centers, AI Troop Accelerators, Counter Spies, Planetary Cloakers, Attrition Emitters.

-Teleport raiders now have an electric shot.  Spiders now have a basic shot (which the tele-raiders used to have).

-There was a small bug early in the game where ships come out of a dock could "stack" in some cases, and then be stuck and immobile.  This was mostly with electric shuttles.  Fixed.


-In the prior prerelease, loading a savegame after playing another game (without closing the program) would cause the net energy to be much too low.
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