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Here's the latest prerelease:

That version is an upgrade from version 1.008, so you have to already have 1.008 (or greater) installed. Just unzip it into your game folder (usually C:\Program Files\Arcen Games\AI War\ unless you specified something else). Please make sure that your unzip process keeps the folder structure from the zip file, rather than just unpacking all of the files into the base target directory.

What's new since 1.009G:
(Cumulative release notes since 1.008 are attached at the bottom)


-When the scores or graph displays are shown, the game now immediately goes into non-input-focus mode.  Mouse scrolling and zooming also no longer works at all when the game does not have input focus, to prevent confusion.

-The game timer is now positioned such that it will slide over and still be fully visible for games that last longer than one day.

-Previously, dead players could not capture planets.  That was very old logic.  Now they are allowed to.

-Previously, the game would completely stop when a gameover was reached, and gameover games could not be saved.  Now the game will let players continue playing as normal once a gameover is reached, saving included, but scores will not increase for any players once a gameover is reached.  Also, previously the defeat or victory music would play on a game over, and then there would just be silence.  Now it will start playing regular game music again after the victory/defeat music is finished.

-The AI is now more responsive with combat with large numbers of ships, giving them orders more quickly than before.  Previously, really large AI armies tended to get a bit sluggish.

-Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F8 now exports the Excel Secondaries:  StrongWeak.xml, AgainstBasic.xml, ShipDataFull.xml, ShipDataStatsOnly.xml, TechData.xml, KnowledgeBreakdown.xml.  Unlike the unit relative export this does not require a lengthy simulation to be run, so it executes in just a couple of seconds.


-Previously it was sometimes possible for space tugs to never let go of the ships they had grabbed.  Fixed.

-The AI is now even more brutal with how it groups its ships going through wormholes to player planets.

-Previously there were some bugs with space tugs taking their tractored ships to strange places.  Fixed.

-Settings items that can improve performance are now show in green, rather than yellow.
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